Matchweek 33 – Liverpool 2 – 0 Aston Villa: Match Ratings

Shite-e-ist 2-0 win. But 3 points is 3 points. Home streak win record continues.

Alisson – 8
Just out there to reminding everyone, he’s got mitts the size of boulders, the City match wasn’t his fault, and he’s still the best keeper on the planet.

TAA – 6
Still not reaching his usual ridiculously high bar, performance wise. Not getting forward as quickly and efficiently, seemed uninterested at times defensively. Than plays that peach of a ball into Keita to set up the first goal.

Gomez – 7
On the front foot throughout. Back to basics. Thankfully.

Van Dijk – 7
Solid like Gomez but with higher highs (passing, aerial dominance) and lower lows (uncharacteristic turnovers).

Robertson – 5
Probably still shouldn’t be driving himself anywhere. But improved since the last outing. That probably isn’t saying much.

Keita – 7
Was the only one, first half that looked like he was interested in creating problems for Villa. Still looks like he’s struggling with pace of play a bit. Having a statute as your number 9 likely didn’t help matters.

Fabinho – 7
Was busy winning everything back in the midfield.

Ox – 5
High grades for effort. Everything else was ugly, to be fair. Had a first touch like he was playing with two lefts. Turnover machine. Struggled.

Mane – 6
Turned the ball over just enough to remind everyone he was out there. Pretty subpar. Then he just pops up and bangs one of the crossbar and in to remind everyone he’s the tits.

Origi – 5
Get’s a coveted started up top, central and then spends the duration wondering the channels aimlessly like a compass without a north. Subbing him felt merciful, for everyone involved.

Salah – 6
I don’t know what Mo did to Paul Tiernay. He got absolutely hammered all game by Villa with no intervention from the referee. Still gets on the scoresheet with the assist to Jones. Can’t keep a good man down.


Firmino – 7
Like the last piece of the puzzle. Just brings it together. Pressing, off the ball movement, dragging defenders out of position, the link-up play. Makes everyone around him better.

Henderson – 7
The engine. The press had urgency, the ball movement improved, pace of play quickened. Dictates the pace of play.

Gini – 6
Still looks off it for me. Usually so steady, but still turning the ball over in dangerous places.

Curtis Jones – 8
Get’s 5 minutes. Go studs up on a challenge, smashes one over, and then volleys one in to wrap up the match. What a week for the lad (after the contract extension). Not sure I could handle 90 minutes of THAT.

Neco – N/A (injury time sub)