OLSC Colorado Springs was formed on June 1, 2019, when the founder planned a watch party to cheer on our beloved Reds to a Champions League Title. One year and four months later Liverpool recognized them as an OLSC. OLSC Colorado Springs has over 100 members and is rapidly growing in their new home, The Great British Food Company. The club plans to have an inaugural trip to Anfield once COVID is under control. Join them at The Great British Food Company for great food, great beer, and great company with fellow Reds.
You can listen to our Spotlight podcast with Trason Merritt where we discuss details about their OLSC and how their quick transition to becoming an OLSC took place.
Meeting Location: The Great British Food Company,5905 Corporate Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Twitter: lfcsprings




Answer First, Question Later American Scouser Podcast

Finally the original trio is back together for the first time in 2023!! Chelsea Recap, Trivia in form of Jeopardy, and more.. This one gets out of control from the get-go! Nothing new to our regular listeners but much faster than normal!
  1. Answer First, Question Later
  2. Making Pies
  3. Deja Vu
  4. Not So Happy New Year
  5. Pronunciation Problems
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