Liverpool Supporters Bars

Where to watch the Reds

Looking for fellow Reds fans to watch the games with? Find your local Official Liverpool Supporters Club Bar locations and get connected with their chapters.

On vacation and don’t want to miss the game?  Find the closest Official Liverpool Supporters Club Bar and soak up the action with some new friends.

This is intended to be a living map that the community of Liverpool Supporters across the pond can edit and manipulate.  If you don’t see a bar on here that is frequented by Reds every week, comment below and it will be added.  Has the local chapter changed their main bar? Comment below and tell us where the new one is.  We want this to be as accurate and as helpful as you want it to be.  If you find yourself in a Scouse bar on match-day, have a beer for us!


Defensive Midfielders, Contracts, and Wives American Scouser Podcast

The Monday Trio is here! We talk transfer needs, players playing out their contracts and more… A therapist's nightmare of an episode!
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