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Who are we and why did we start AmericanScouser.com?

American Scouser is a multi-media content provider built by Liverpool FC fans, and tailored for Liverpool FC fans who live in the US.  We are committed to providing unbiased and unconstrained content filled with the passion shared by the supporters of this great club. American Scouser and its creators will provide insightful and meaningful content that promises to be valuable and significant to its consumers. 

We want to make American Scouser your go-to site for all LFC news and ways you can connect to other LFC fans in the US whether it is by meeting them at a supporter’s bar to watch the game together or share your thoughts and feelings about the club.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.


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Admins: Timucin Uras,  Paul Bickler, Chris Gallivan


Barak Engel- Aftergame Corner Taken Quickly

David Jennings

Vijay Rajaji- Nerdy by Nature

Adam Beattie

Jeff Cutler

Dylan Bhojani

Zahid Haque

Chris Hallenbrook

Other contributors to the site for content, programming, graphics, sound, and video editing

Mateusz Wielomek, John Carl Bolido, Tonii Humphrey, BJ Backitis, , JD Burk, Tim Schifle, Megan Wyatt, William Shelton, and Scott Fishkin

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Simply send an email to timucinuras@americanscouser.com, leave a message below or send us a message on our Facebook Page to get started.

Injury Rumors and Facts American Scouser Podcast

The trio tries to make sense of all the misinformation out there on the injuries and explore some of the replacement possibilities
  1. Injury Rumors and Facts
  2. History Lessons
  3. This Is Not Career Mode
  4. The Departure, The Title Run and The Simmering Pot
  5. It's Great To Have Kids