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AS’s Zoltar knows Liverpool will top the table come May once again!

Here we go again Liverpool fans, we are just two days away from our first match and another exciting campaign. The crew at American Souser asked for your predictions and below is how some of our contributors and fans see things unfolding in the coming months. We are far from experts but at least we have a record of our ridiculously incorrect opinions! We will also be able to look back and figure out who nailed a pick or two and how many of us were correct crowning LFC Champions! Here we go Zoltar…Question 1

Who will win the league?

Mateusz Wielomek: City – Hope to be proven wrong

Vijay Rajaji: City

Rich Kramer: Liverpool

Paul Bickler: Liverpool

Jordan Gerrard: Liver F*ck!n Pool

Brando Ibarra: City win it all

Timucin Uras: Liverpool

Gally: Liverpool (you kidding I’m writing this)

Here is to seeing this come May with supporters in the stands to help celebrate this time!

Three Relegated Teams?

Mateusz Wielomek: Watford, Burnley, Norwich

Vijay Rajaji: Watford, Burnley, Norwich

Rich Kramer: Norwich, Wolves, Brighton

Paul Bickler: Watford, Norwich, Burnley

Jordan Gerrard: Norwich, Burnley, Crystal Palace

Brando Ibarra: Brighton, Norwich, Watford

Timucin Uras: Norwich, Brentford, Crystal Palace

Gally: Watford, Norwich, Newcastle

Golden Boot & Golden Glove Winners?

Mateusz Wielomek: Harry Kane & Alisson

Vijay Rajaji: Romelu Lukaku & Alisson

Rich Kramer: Romelu Lukaku & Alisson

Paul Bickler: Mo Salah & Eduardo Mendy

Jordan Gerrard: Mo Salah & Alisson

Brando Ibarra: Mo Salah & Alisson

Timucin Uras: Mo Salah & Alisson

Gally: Mo Salah & Eduardo Mendy

Premier League Impact Signing of the year?

Mateusz Wielomek: Boubakary Soumare – Also going to throw Josh Sargent in here for fun

Vijay Rajaji: Romelu Lukaku

Rich Kramer: Romelu Lukaku

Paul Bickler: Danny Ings

Jordan Gerrard: Romelu Lukaku

Brando Ibarra: Jadon Sancho & Leon Bailey

Timucin Uras: Romelu Lukaku

Gally: Harry Kane (when he moves) – If not, Cristiano Romero

Premier League Flop Signing of the year?

Mateusz Wielomek: Raphael Varane

Vijay Rajaji: Josh Sargeant (sadly for an American like me)

Rich Kramer: Jadon Sancho

Paul Bickler: Jadon Sancho

Jordan Gerrard: Jadon Sancho

Brando Ibarra: Danny Ings (Injury)

Timucin Uras: Jack Grealish

Gally: Rafael Varane

Premier League Player of the Year?

Mateusz Wielomek: Kevin De Bruyne

Vijay Rajaji: Harry Kane

Rich Kramer: Rat boy penalty merchant (assuming Bruno Fernandes)

Paul Bickler: Bruno Fernandes

Jordan Gerrard: Mo Salah

Brando Ibarra: Bruno Fernades

Timucin Uras: Mo Salah

Gally: Sadio Mane

First Manager Sacked?

Mateusz Wielomek: Mikel Arteta & Patrick Viera (within a week of each other)

Vijay Rajaji: Mikel Arteta – way too long and still not fixing anything

Rich Kramer: Bruno Lage

Paul Bickler: Patrick Viera

Jordan Gerrard: Patrick Viera

Brando Ibarra: Steve Bruce

Timucin Uras: Daniel Farke

Gally: Easy – Watford’s Manager – The replacement might be the second fired as well!

So, there you have it, how it will be once and for all! We clearly are backing Liverpool for great success this upcoming season with the majority of us opting for Liverpool as Champions, Allisson to have the most clean sheets, and Mo to regain his Golden Boot Trophy. Needless to say, none of us think LFC will have made the biggest impact signing but then again who knows maybe #announcembappee is coming, a guy can dream. Not everyone agreed on the flop of the year the majority thought it would come from a club in Manchester! We didn’t bother asking for the manager of the year, because we all know that award should be named after Jurgen Klopp! We will check back in at midseason and see how our predictions are shaping up. Thanks for reading and enjoy the match on Saturday!

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