Matchday Meals – Eat Scouser Eat

If you’re like any football fan at this stage of the summer you’re ready for the EPL season to begin. Disregarding the schedule changes wreaked by Covid, we’re now in the final days before the first ball is placed and kicked.

We’re making sure we’re subscribed to the ‘right’ packages (Fox??, CBS?? Peacock??? NBCSN??). The scarves are run through the dryer to freshen them up. And the kits we still fit into are laid out on the bed.

But before any remote can be clicked or any scarf is donned, the frailty of the human form must be considered. And foremost is how to fuel that form so it can endure a season full of matches. What goes into the body directly affects performance and endurance on match day, right?!

So we’re on the same page, here are four different matchday eating styles. Studies have shown that 99% of all football fans fall into one of these categories. The remaining 1% cheer for the most recently relegated team, or Everton.

Clean eating with Keto Kathy

Keto Kathy eats healthy salads to stay healthy

I don’t really understand what Keto is, but I think you have to be annoying when you talk about what you had for any meal. Along with that tidbit, a true ketogenic diet is essentially minimal carbohydrates as a percentage of all your calories. You also can only eat about 25% of your calories from protein. So, the rest is fat…but healthy fat.

Here is my suggested match-day meal based on Keto Kathy…

A couple of slices of toast. I feel that if I get the carbs out of the way, then I can be more dedicated to eating no carbs at all for the remainder of my day.

Two eggs. Again, let’s get the protein out of the way.

Bangers, white pudding, and rashers. Now I think I’m set for a portion of my fat and I’ve accounted for all my carbs and proteins.

Then it’s time for beverages. Beer is kinda out because of the carbs, but pure alcohol like rum, whiskey, and gin are fine.

One meal down, one style of eating addressed.

Mandible Marty and his great meals of meat

Big Mac eating underway

Let’s face it, sports and meat products have gone together since lions were eating men in Athens. More cooked options at sporting events were introduced over time and now there are menus overflowing with all sorts of animal flesh.

How should we arrange that into a meal? Let’s start with steak and eggs. Medium rare rib eye and a couple of fried eggs.

Pop some texas toast under the broiler and slather that with butter. *You’ll need a second plate. Also on the second plate is the bacon, a little tub of beans, and a parsley sprig.

Beverage accompaniment is wide open, and a nice Bloody Mary would go nicely with the meat.

The only caveat is that if you’re considering the meat meal, you should scout your location carefully so adequate time and angle of repose can be adopted as you digest. This is a great meal for watching a full day of matches.

Looking for something light after reading about gut-bomb central? Go simple.

One-Egg Ed and his light diet

Eating just the cardboard is how Ed keeps calories away

Ed loves football. To the point that he can’t talk or eat during matches. But he needs to be near his fellow supporters…especially when the REDS are on. So he visits a bar or restaurant on game day and then goes super simple with the menu.

Going light, the meal is simple one poached egg in a cup, a glass of orange juice (can include champagne or other bubbles if desired), water, and a dry piece of wheat toast.

Barely any calories. Enough natural sugar and protein to sustain you. And it won’t break the bank no matter where you’re watching the match.

My only issue with the Ed meal is that it’s lacking about 90% of the food I’d like to have in the final matchday meal. Since I’m Jeff, I’ve named it after me.

Cutler’s Cork Combo breakfast and beer tasting (in nine easy steps)

The meal for matchday

1 – Guinness pint to soothe a parched throat and whet an appetite

2 – Traditional Irish breakfast – toast, bangers, rashers, beans, eggs, puddings

3 – Irish tea with milk

4 – Poutine (when the menu changes at 2 PM and the afternoon matches are coming)

5 – Cider

6 – Weistephaner

And that’s about it – six hours in a pub (or when your partner makes all this for you) and you’re fit and fed after a day of football.

Got suggestions for better meals? Comment here…

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