Matchweek 28: Wolves 0 – 1 Liverpool – Player Ratings

They don’t give you bonus points for style! And thank feck for that. Ugly, fortunate, whatever. 3 points.


Alisson– 6
It’s likely been the worst year of his life. So i’m not going to wonder why he looks like the ghost of Simon Mignolet coming out to punch away catchable balls.

TAA – 7
Made some big time interceptions 2nd half and did well to create danger from his wing. Positionally, much better than we’ve seen from him this year. 

Nat Phillips – 8
A couple of key stops and clearances. Positionally sound. Not as tidy with his distribution but still a solid all-around performance. 

Kabak – 9
Just keeps building on each performance. Was step for step with Adama and had some huge 1 v 1 wins in dangerous spots. His distribution out of the back was ace. Great vision, great physicality. People still saying he’s not fast enough deserve to spend the rest of their lives looking for a matching sock.

Robbo – 6
Third game on the trot where he’s been the worst of the back line. Mane’s form isn’t helping. Came up big 2nd half, defensively, when it was most needed though.

Fab – 7
The best of a poor midfield performance today. Did a job cleaning up all the bits in midfield, uncharacteristically sloppy in possession. Deffo makes the team stronger with him in the hole.

Gini – 5
Too many away matches where he goes missing. Perhaps we’ve run him into the ground this year. We just needed more and he was never going to give it.

Thiago – 5
The only thing more frustrating than watching Thiago running around whacking people right outside our own penalty box is his feigned, disbelief in the inevitable yellow after being called for his 9th foul in a 20 minute span. A continued liability.

Mo – 6
Failed to get a hold of the match. Probably misses Firmino dropping deep more than most. Ace ball into Mane in the build up to the goal. 

Mane – 6
Looks legged and low on confidence. Probably could go down and get a pen but then if he doesn’t get it everyone’s calling him a diving cheat. An in form Mane chips the keeper and it isn’t a discussion. Mad, off balance ball into Jota for the assist.

Jota – 7
Regardless of what Bill Leslie’s wobbly yammering chin said on the broadcast, that was an unreal strike, given the spin, for the game winner. One of the few boys that looks up for running at people. And at times. We need that direct threat. 


Milner- 6 (‘67)
If you’re slugging it out in the gutter, Milner’s not a bad guy to see subbing on. A bit like tagging in your hardest mate at the tail end of a bar fight.

Keita – 6 (‘67)
Improved defensively without the maddening turnovers. 

Ox – (n/a)
“New phone, who dis?”
“Yeah mate, this is vintage, pre-injury, in form Arsenal, Ox.”
“Oh, word.”