Matchweek 27: Liverpool 0 – 1 Chelsea – Player Ratings

Face it. We’re shite. Lineup was wrong. The tactics were wrong. The substitutions were wrong.


Alisson– 6
Heart in throat moment aside, made a big stop in the second half and was fairly decent.

TAA – 5
Ineffective going forward. Poor coming back. Especially for the goal.

Fabinho – 5
Looked like a guy playing out of position with players he didn’t know. Poor on the goal obviously. Loads of time to turn that outside or close down the space before the shot. 

Kabak – 6
Defended ok. A bit wasteful pushing it up field. But who wasn’t today.

Robertson – 6
Non existent linkup play with Mane. Poor first touch. Looks legged.

Thiago – 6
Probably unfair on to judge him in this current side. But he looks like a tactical square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

Gini – 6
One of the few who looked like he actually cared to try to go on and win it. Admirable considering he’s likely on his way out.

Curtis Jones – 5
As smooth as he was last outing, got nothing going. Consistently snuffed out by the Chelsea mids.

Sadio – 5
Probably should go down in the box. Didn’t get a call for any of the other dozen times he was hammered so can’t say I blame him…

Bobby – 4
Ugh. Loads of turnovers. Everything was half a yard off. 

Mo – 7
The only one creating any sort of problems for the Chelsea back line and he gets the hook. Rightly fuming. 


Ox – 5 (‘62)
Looked like the same out of form Ox we’ve seen for the last month.

Jota – 6 (‘62)

Looked bright considering the lengthy absence. Took up dangerous places with intent.

Milner – N/A (‘80)