Matchweek 26: Sheffield 0 – 2 Liverpool

Yeah. I’ll take that.


Adrian– 7
Strong in the air, especially from corners. A lot of nervous shouting. But job done.

TAA – 9

And here this whole time I thought he played better when not tethered to the back. Played back to cover for Nat’s lack of pace AND looked incredible going forward. Complete performance.

Phillips – 7
Wins everything in the air. Everything. It’s Mad. About as mad as pushing him forward on a high line like we did in the second half. Yikes.

Kabak – 7
Still looks vulnerable to the high ball in behind but he’s got pace and looks like he’s finding his footing.

Robertson – 7
Played waaaay up on that left side today. Found some good space and created some decent chances.

Thiago – 7
Definitely one of his more complete performances. Thank feck he’s stopped lunging in. He’s gonna connect on one of those sliced volleys one day ya know..

Gini – 8 

At his best when he combines industry with direct attacking football. He did that today. Lovely to watch.

Curtis Jones – 9
On a side that’s suffering from a lack of confidence. He’s the exception. Remains composed and assured on the ball. Big, big performance in a much needed spot. 

Mane – 7
Working hard. Getting in good spots, tucked in central. Needs a goal. Like everyone else really.

Bobby – 8
I know he’s missing loads of chances. I can’t look past the movement and distribution. Threaded the needle ball after ball, made loads of space for Mo & Mane, and deserved a stroke of luck after taking on all of Sheffield for the second. 

Mo – 8
Really unlucky not to be on the score sheet. 


Milner – 7 (‘76)
“Safe and Simple Solutions For the Modern Day Football Lead.” By James P. Milner.

Naby – 7 (‘80)
11 injury free minutes. Feels like we got 4 points today.