Matchweek 28: Liverpool 0 – 1 Fulham – Player Ratings

Klopp’s proving a point right? Why else would you trot out that high-ass line with a chopped and changed side and two of our slowest, youngest, most inexperienced center backs? If you wouldn’t do it in Football Manager you shouldn’t do it in real life. That’s a rule.

Still trying to figure out how Scott Parker made a tailored jacket look so good over another fitted jacket. Tell us your secrets, you bot.


Alisson– 6
Does well on Maja. But not enough mojo to keep out Lemina. Like the rest of the squad. Lacking magic when we need it most.

Neco – 4
Exposed. Outside of one nice cutback, and one nice block, was a consistent liability on both fronts. To be perfectly fair, had zero help from Gini/Milner/Shaq.

Nat Phillips – 6
Not the problem in the back but not the long term solution either. Had a couple nice ball over the top. But he’s been consistent on a team that has nearly none of it. 

Rhys – 5
Looked like a lad that hasn’t grown into his body. Just not his level yet. And it showed. Pretty much all game.

Robbo – 5
Like watching a Roomba in a broom closet for 90 minutes. Capable of more. Also held fulham onside the majority of the first half. 

Gini – 5
Looked like our 9th choice holding mid in front of our 9th choice center back. Hardly going to get his best there.

Milner – 5
Massively sacrificing creativity for steel at this point. Some bad turnovers, in bad spots before being subbed off.

Keita – 6
The only one in the mids that looked anywhere near creating anything. Some nice threaded balls through the middle were a nice change. Faded second half when it was needed most.

Shaq – 4
Close-ish on the free kick. That was it. Offered absolutely no support for Neco and little spark going forward. 

Jota – 5
Combined well with Mo, first half. But disappointing overall, considering we’ve made him up to be the second coming of Christ.

Mo – 6
Looked good, central until he was nicked for the goal. Downhill from there. 


Mane – 5 (‘62)
One good header off the post. One not so great header into the ground.

TAA – 5 (‘76)
An improvement going forward. But that means nothing when the final ball is lacking. Been the same story, pretty much all year.

Fabinho – 7 (‘76)
Maybe this is just me projecting, but it felt like the field flipped the moment he came into the mids.