Matchweek 23: Liverpool 1 – 4 Manchester City – Player Ratings

Um. If we’re going to piss away the title at least we did it by beating ourselves! Am I right? Credit to City. They’re miles better than us at the moment. Excuses aside.


Alisson – 1
I choose to remember him bombing it up top to Mo on the trot for the game winner vs United. Not whatever the feck that was today. Un. real. 

TAA – 4
Honestly? Thought he had a really good opening 20 minutes or so. Then proceeded to be Raheem’s training cone. BOMBOCLAAT!

Fabinho – 4
One of the few days he looked like a midfielder playing centerback and that’s really all there is to say about that. Next. 

Henderson – 6
I’ll just say what I said last match. It is a problem when your most creative, consistent, threat going forward is in your back line.

Robertson – 5
Offering nothing outside of industry right now. Could be said for half the team to be fair. 

Gini – 5
Lost amongst the weeds. 

Thiago – 5
Honestly astounded he hasn’t gotten a red card yet. Two footed challenges, leaves his feet… only a matter of time. Feels like he plays 85% of matches on a yellow.

Curtis Jones – 6
The sharpest of the midfield three. Needs to shrug off trying to find a teammate and just start taking people on at this point.

Sadio – 6
One of the few that caused problems for City. The first half miss feels big though.

Bobby – 5
Drifted in and out. When he looks good. We look good. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough there. 

Mo – 5
Does well to earn the pen. But someone needs to remind Mo he’s Mo fucking Salah so he can start taking people on again.


Milner – 5 (‘68)
Really was hoping he’d come on and lump the shit out of Raheem…

Shaq – 5 (‘68)
Can’t remember him being there. Which is a problem because I can’t remember Gini being there either. And yet they both were.  At the same time!

Tsimikas – NA (‘85)