Matchweek 22: Liverpool 0 – 1 Brighton – Player Ratings

Look. It’s fecking frustrating. Not only because the league is more than likely gone but because we looked like we’d finally figured it out. All the direct, positive, bravado from the past two matches. Gone. Just like that. I get we’ve played 3 matches in a week but…maybe like… don’t sub on the two most out of form players on planet earth?


Kelleher– 7
Made some big stops. Especially in the second half. He used to be a striker right? Maybe swap him and Divock? I don’t know… 

TAA – 5
Sooooo. Apparently scoring and being just boss in general, like last game wasn’t fun enough to do again. Wasteful going forward, asleep at the wheel for the goal. How do you lose sight a that behemoth they played at left wing? Honestly.

Phillips – 7
When we have the team talk where everyone gets screamed at. Nat get’s to be excused early with Hendo. 

Henderson – 7
It is a problem when your most creative, consistent, threat going forward is in your back line.

Robertson – 5
He’s off it. He usually is a bit when there’s no Sadio but my concern is that he’s run his legs off over the last two seasons. 

Gini – 6
Largely ineffective. Toiled but didn’t look interested in driving it forward.

Milner – 6
See: Gini

Thiago – 6
He was bought in to win games like this and he never looked like he was going to be the difference.

Shaq – 4
Swapped him from central to left to right. Didn’t matter. He was a lost soul wherever he was. Classic Shaq. Shows some quality, get’s a start and disappears. 

Mo – 6
In the right areas but his touch let him down. Especially that one time we had a sniff at goal. 

Bobby – 5
Never could get his feet under him. Looked like he was going to do the business but never did the business and then was subbed for what was definitely never going to do the business.


Origi – 4 (‘64)
Thought he was one of Brighton’s better defenders on the night. Did a great job clogging up passing lanes, making it difficult for Robbo in general. Good holdup play as well. Unfortunate it was our own but it’s whatevs…

Ox – 4 (‘64)
Why bring on one out of form player when you can bring on TWO?!? At least Ox tried to take people on.

Jones – NA (‘79)
Should have been the first name called off the bench.