Matchweek 24: Leicester 3 – 1 Liverpool

A 7 minute implosion. And now it’s squeaky bum time for what is, for all intents and purposes, a Liverpool team performing at mid table level. Yikes.


Alisson– 4
75 minutes of decency followed by a moment of madness. Screaming your bloody head off when coming out of your own box for an aerial challenge seems like Keeping 101. Another mad moment to add to the concerning form.

TAA – 7
Likely our best player on the night. Looked consistently dangerous going forward and solid coming back. One of the few times this year he’s been excellent on both ends.

Kabak – 4
Looked like the game was going by him. Looked shaky trying to hold the high line. First game shakes were kind of expected. I don’t put that second on him.

Henderson – 7
Some really ace distribution out of the back. Milner is probably somewhere having a laugh about all of this.

Robertson – 6
Remember the golden days where there was only like three kinds of beer and Robbo got loads of assists just for fun. Ah. Memories.

Milner – N/A
Off inside the first 15. Like spending the money to upgrade to more durable tires and then getting a flat while pulling out of the shop. It’s been that kind of season.

Gini – 5
Does all the important blue collar work. When we win it’s vital, when we don’t you wonder if he’s bringing enough.

Curtis Jones – 6
Mixed bag today. Thought it was telling, the sharp decline in play once he went off.

Sadio – 5
Looked dangerous first half before fading. Fouled on the buildup to the second. No call. Not even an apology. Rude.

Bobby – 5
Mad watching him struggle for most of the match and then pull off the filthiest assist you’ve ever seen. 

Mo – 5
He makes that goal look so ridiculously easy that it makes all the other missed chances stick in your craw. Haven’t decided whether that’s fair to Mo or not to be honest…


Thiago – 5 (‘68)
An absolute liability first half. Considerably better second half. I’m reserving further judgement until Hendo & Fab are back in the mids. IF they’re ever back in the mids.

Ox – 4 (‘75)
The before.

Shaq – NA (‘87)
The after.