My Liverpool Story: Drawn In

So I must be honest. My Liverpool story does have a bandwagon nature to it. Like most soccer fans in the States, my introduction to the sport came from supporting the US Men’s National Team. For most of my teens and early twenties, that is all the soccer I watched. I would catch the occasional Champions League final. The Leicester story in 2016 fascinated me. But for the longest time, I just could not find a European club that drew me in.

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Then came Liverpool’s magical run to the UCL Final in 2018. Whether it was Klopp’s charisma, Mo’s magnificence, or just the overall swashbuckling nature of that team, something drew me in. That horrible night in Kyiv solidified my fandom. Though if it helps, being a fan of another team that likes to choke away magical runs (see Braves, Atlanta), I knew that I could get along just fine supporting the Reds.

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Yes, my support did start in 2018. I have gotten to see the best of Liverpool’s resurgence. However, that is not what has kept me in love with this club. I teach high school history. I love the socio-political nature of the sport of football around the world. As I began to research the history of Liverpool Football Club, I became enamored with the culture of the team and the city itself.


Supporting the Reds means you must take on a Scouse identity. That identity is forged in a history of rebellion and bridging social capital. Liverpool is a melting pot city and welcomes those who are not from there because that’s what made it what it is today.

The club is a representation of that and means everything to the people. I love that. That is what has made me a fan. I can never claim to be from Liverpool. I’ve never even stepped foot in the city limits. But that spirit of what it means to be a supporter of the club is something I think we all strive to identify with as fans of LFC.

I am humbled and excited by the opportunity to get to write for American Scouser. Thank you to Timucin and Gally for inviting me aboard! I look forward to sharing more thoughts and pieces with this community. It seems we are amid what again could be a special season. Let’s enjoy this journey together and as always, YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE.