Are We Allowed To Talk About It Yet?

So, we appear to have found ourselves in an unexpected title race. This would be an easy time for me to talk about a piece I wrote back in August in which I questioned why our own fans were writing us off to such an extent despite everything this manager has given us. However, I’m not interested in cheap wins when the Reds are doing well!

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We should, under no circumstances, be shocked by what Liverpool is producing this season. It is perhaps a surprise to see Manchester City faltering to the extent they have. But even then, we have seen this dance from the first half of the season before.

Talk Of The Town

Liverpool is still a million miles from their sparkling best of the Klopp era. But we are top of the league regardless. That is something that ought to be celebrated rather than a cause for concern.

Fans have been understandably tentative when it comes to talk of a league title. We’ve been stung enough times in recent years. Each moment still hurts. We tell ourselves it will be less painful if we just avoid thinking about it as long as possible.

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Except I’m not convinced that is the case. Despite the eventual heartbreak, I still look back at the 2021-22 quadruple chase as my favorite supporting Liverpool. Returning from a worldwide pandemic and the gratitude of experiencing full stadiums again may have played a part in that, but the journey we went on in almost “completing football” was one to be cherished regardless of its conclusion.

Why Are We Scared?

If we are fearful of the position we find ourselves in, perhaps we should ask ourselves why. Past traumas ought to have been rectified in the record-breaking manner in which we won the 2019-20 Premier League.

Perhaps the fact that this one looks like it will take a bit more to win has reminded us of the times we fell agonizingly short. Or, it simply could be that when we did win we weren’t crowned in the manner we’d hoped due to the situation the planet was at the time.

Either way, we need to talk ourselves back up into a state of joy. We didn’t win the league in 2018-19 but the run-in was one of the greatest the country has ever seen. There is so much to take from that if we allow ourselves to.

The Sky Blue Spectre

Man City will probably go on THAT run at some point. They always do. But the Reds have barely moved out of second gear and still find themselves above the treble winners and self-proclaimed greatest team of all time.

You might be superstitious and that’s fine. A lot of people share your sentiments. But allowing yourself to dream won’t take away the talents of the players that have won us everything. We also have new ones who continue to prove themselves as the new dimension we’ve craved.

I probably use up too much of these pieces encouraging fans to live in the moment. Appreciate what you have in front of you. I have to do this though because there are still so many who don’t. THESE ARE THE TIMES WE USED TO DREAM ABOUT.

Taking Stock Of 2024

Nerves are a blessing. Our blue neighbors would kill to be nervous about the things we are nervous about. We are nervous because we care.

We find ourselves in the middle of an odd three-week break from league action. You don’t tend to see that much in the modern game. It is time to take stock, gather our breath, and prepare ourselves for what is to come.

Eighteen cup finals. Let yourself think that way. If it happens you might just regret not allowing yourself to embrace the ride as much as you could have.

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