The Electric Eight: The 8 Best Goals In Klopp’s Tenure

An eight-pack of excellence

The week of October 8th marks the anniversary of Jurgen Klopp’s arrival as Liverpool manager. Regardless of how you felt at the time, especially after the dismal end to the Brendan Rodgers era, the German has been an undoubted success. Eight years to the day of his appointment, Klopp has won every major trophy under the sun. This has led many to conclude that he is the best Reds manager of the modern era.

Looking back at those eight years conjures up memories of glorious highs and crushing lows. Leaning into the former, I’ve highlighted eight of my favorite goals during his reign.

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8. Adam Lallana vs. Norwich (Premier League 2015/16)

This is arguably the goal that reflected early Klopp Liverpool the most. It was a chaotic game in which defense was optional. The match seemed destined for a draw after Sebastien Bassong equalized for the Canaries in stoppage time. Up stepped Adam Lallana however. He ripped a volley that sent the traveling supporters, players, and Klopp himself into hysterics. The gaffer famously broke his glasses during the celebration!

7. Mohamed Salah vs. Manchester City (Premier League 2019/20)

Salah’s effort was one of the most beautiful goals a football club can produce. The buildup to this goal was sublime. A superb cross-field ball typical of Trent Alexander-Arnold sent Andy Robertson on his way. This was just a precursor to what followed. That was of course a gorgeous cross from Robbo onto the head of the Egyptian King. It was a sensational goal that represented the standard of the Klopp-Guardiola rivalry through the years. Truly world-class.

6. Dejan Lovren vs. Borussia Dortmund (Europa League QF 2nd Leg, 2015/16)

Lovren’s banger was another staple of the early Klopp era. The 2015-16 run to the Europa League final was a sneak peek into the future glorious European runs and big goals scored on big occasions. In this instance, it was a matchup against Klopp’s old side under the Anfield lights. Liverpool clawed their way back level after initially going down 3-1. This set up a stoppage-time header from center-half Dejan Lovren to win the game and secure advancement. Just another entry into the Liverpool European storybook.

5. Sadio Mane vs. Bayern Munich (Champions League R16 2nd Leg 2018/19)

Klopp sure loved this one! Liverpool’s run to Champions League glory in 2019 featured a tough visit to the Allianz Arena in the Round of 16. Following a 0-0 first-leg draw, the onus was certainly on the home side to deliver in front of the Munich faithful. Sadio Mane had other ideas. After a measured long ball from Virgil van Dijk, the Senegalese maestro brought down the ball and all in one motion shifted to avoid the onrushing Manuel Neuer. He then chipped Germany’s number one to score Liverpool’s first. A world-class goal from a world-class player set the tone for a memorable victory march in Munich.

4. Divock Origi vs. Tottenham (Champions League Final 2018/19)

This is my personal favorite on the list but we are only halfway through the eight. While not the flashiest or most well-constructed goal ever scored, the relief and ecstasy I felt from this goal were second to none. Mo’s penalty put Liverpool up very early. We kept Spurs at bay from then on until Origi did what he does best: score clutch goals. A well-placed shot in the bottom corner of Hugo Lloris’ goal secured Jurgen Klopp’s first Liverpool trophy and the club’s sixth European crown. It was the culmination of years of hard work and struggle. In my eyes, it cemented that iteration as one of the best sides the club has ever seen.

3. Mohamed Salah vs. Chelsea (Premier League 2018/19)

When you speak of memorable goals from the 2018-19 season, perhaps none is more fervently remembered than this one. Liverpool/Chelsea matchups always seem balanced on a knife’s edge. There usually needs to be one or two moments of magic to tip the scales. Right after Mane put Liverpool 1-0 up on this occasion, the Blues were putting on the pressure for an equalizer. However, a long van Dijk diagonal found Salah on his favored right side with a bit of room. Recognizing this, Mo took a touch and launched an absolute missile of a shot into the Chelsea goal. The Anfield reaction was deafening. The goal served to seal the victory against one of their fiercest rivals.

2. Divock Origi vs. Barcelona (Champions League SF 2nd Leg 2018/19)

The fourth and final goal from the 2018-19 season on this countdown has the most memorable call. “Corner taken quickly, ORIGI!” The famous commentary call came as Trent Alexander-Arnold sent in a rapid corner past an unsuspecting Barcelona defense to a cutting Origi for a goal that never really gets the credit it should for its difficulty. It left the Barca supporters stunned and full credit goes to both Trent and Divock for their ingenuity. The implications of the goal were massive as it completed the comeback against the Spanish giants. One could argue this 4-0 win on home soil, missing Mo and Bobby Firmino, represented the biggest win in the Klopp era.

1. Mohamed Salah vs. Manchester United (Premier League 2019/20)

When talking about the big goals in the biggest games, none come close to a big goal against our biggest rivals. Throughout the majority of Jurgen’s run at the club, we’ve had the upper hand over Manchester United. That is all forgotten though once the ball is kicked off. A testy encounter saw Liverpool 1-0 up following a Virgil header. As fate would have it though, after a failed United move, Alisson had the ball in his gloves. He spotted a darting Mo Salah up the middle with the goal all but at his mercy. The rest is history with Salah shrugging off multiple challenges from Daniel James and poking the ball past the stranded David de Gea. Liverpool fans roared “We’re gonna win the league” and there was simply no better feeling!

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