Jordan Henderson, We Salute You

One last goodbye to #14

The season has begun. Transfer sagas trudge on. But if I could take a second, I would like to go back for one second and talk about Jordan Henderson. Our fearless skipper of the last years made his move to Saudi Arabia and reunited with Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.

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As with other teams I support, I’ve seen the revolving door of players. Some would do great things. Others would wallow in obscurity with their best days behind them. Consequently, I learned quickly to never get attached to players. In fact, my jersey collection only consists of one player’s jersey, and it’s not a Liverpool one. Sadly, sports are a transactional thing these days. The days of a player committing to one team their entire career are gone.

OUR Jordan Regardless

But this is different. Jordan Henderson was the bridge builder, our captain who had big shoes to fill after Stevie G left. The last of the bad old days of the early 2010s who survived it all and became one of our most decorated captains. And for myself, he was the leader of a team that truly saved me from permanent self-harm.

What complicated this is the ethics of his departure. Slinking away without a proper farewell to fans (outside of a farewell video) and leaving for Saudi Arabia, a country that isn’t exactly LGBTQ+ friendly. For an outspoken ally to do this is what some in that community called an outright betrayal and a significant gut punch for a group that has already faced so much legislative and extrajudicial backlash in recent years. That sense of betrayal is understandable. But it’s not in my place to make such assumptions. It was time for him to move on one way or another. Hopefully, he can continue his activism, if not in the country, but elsewhere.

A Final Rundown

Regardless of the move, Jordan Henderson helped win us nearly every trophy imaginable.

-UEFA Champions League ✔
-Premier League ✔
-FA Cup ✔
-League Cup ✔
-FIFA Club World Cup ✔
-UEFA Super Cup ✔

What he brought to the club is truly commendable. He leaves a gaping hole at Anfield and more than just the one on the pitch. To Jordan Henderson, we salute you.

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