LFC International Membership Unboxing

A layout of what LFC deals out

Ah, the off-season. Time for the lads to rest after another arduous campaign. For us fans, it’s a time to recharge and enjoy the world beyond the game we all love. But it is also time for us fans to renew our membership with Liverpool Football Club. Being an official member of LFC has many benefits depending on your membership level. The better the membership, the better the swag when you renew.

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The full package gets you access to tickets, along with merchandise found in lesser memberships. Plus, for smaller OLSCs, it helps their numbers out as well. Official Liverpool Supporters Clubs have to have a minimum of 15 members.

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I’ve had the international membership for years now, so I’ll be unboxing and giving my two cents on what it has. Admittedly, it’s pretty sparse but definitely focuses on quality over quantity. All in all, it has a pin, and a keychain, and providing a nice change of pace from the last few years’ banners, a wooden sign.

Membership Swag

PIN: Every membership package comes with an annual membership pin. Despite being an avid pin collector, this enamel pin will probably end up in a box somewhere.

KEYCHAIN: Another staple of the international package for years is the keychain. Adorned with the iconic “This Is Anfield” sign, it’s small but looks really neat.

WOODEN SIGN: The main event of the international offering is the upgraded “This Is Anfield” wooden sign. It’s incredibly cool and I hung it up practically the minute I took it out of the box. Pressed with the same design as the keychain, the materials used to make it make it seem as if it is more of an outdoor decoration. However, it fits nicely in my room nestled between my Trent Funko and Ray Clemence (may he rest in peace) autograph.

Overall Verdict

It seems like there has been a slight drop in the quality of the international membership package. I kind of get why. Inflation plus logistics equals a drop off in the overall product. But as long as the on-field product improves this upcoming season, it will be a moot point. Still, I feel I need to upgrade to the full membership in the coming years.

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