Should We Worry About City?

At the time of writing, Manchester City are on course to complete a historic treble. Having already picked up the Premier League and FA Cup, the Citizens are favorites to take their third trophy at week’s end. Should Pep Guardiola’s side finally get their hands on an elusive European Cup, they will match the achievements of their bitter rivals back in 1999. The Champions League final takes place at the Ataturk Stadium on Saturday. That will sting a bit as it is a sight of the greatest night in our European history.

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For 18 years, Istanbul has been “ours” and the very mention of the city evokes memories of an evening we will probably never see again. But the Man City machine looks set to dampen our finest hour, complete the footballing set, and rub a treble in the noses of their neighbors’ Class of ’92.

So What Does It All Mean?

For years we have dreaded this day. The lack of continental pedigree is always something we’ve lauded over City. Like Istanbul, European Cups are “our” thing, and while they have financially doped their way to five of the last six Premier League crowns, they’ve been unable to capture the Champions League.

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Now that another final looms, particularly with the English side as heavy favorites, the sense of dread has been replaced by doom. Pep getting his hands on the big-eared cup with light blue frills feels inevitable. We might have to finally start taking them seriously as a football club. The lack of enthusiasm from their own fans is almost an afterthought now.

With the day of the final almost upon us, I’m beginning to feel more ambivalent. The fact that Inter Milan is such an underdog makes it worse. Having such little to cling to offers further explanation. In the end, there is more to explore about the enterprise’s hollow nature.

Salt On The Snail

115 charges. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN. The media might still shy away from addressing the severity of the issue. But that doesn’t erase the fact that this isn’t a fair fight. It shouldn’t even be up for debate any longer.

The only reason City escaped punishment from UEFA for similar charges was that the evidence was outdated rather than being able to prove actual innocence. It is a difficult topic to talk about from a Liverpool perspective because you are conscious that there will always be a hint of sour grapes and a sulky undertone. However, when it is laid out in black and white it becomes difficult to argue with.

Does it make it easier or more difficult to stomach? At the moment, it is possibly still hard to tell. I found myself in the rare position of cheering City in the FA Cup final. As far as I’m concerned, a City treble is more palatable than a United double. No matter which way you dress it up, Man United will always be the biggest story. The Red Devils’ success means more to the general public, and Man U’s supporters, than City’s triumphs ever will to theirs.

Can’t Buy Legacy

No matter how much cash you throw at it, you cannot manufacture footballing heritage. When Man U wins it matters. This is not just because of our rivalry with them but because far more people around the world care about them. Whether it be positively or negatively, they carry a lot of weight. With Man City, we can still choose to not care if we so wish. This is particularly the case when they have so brazenly cheated their way to glory.

Whether you choose to watch the final or not, you are still allowed to shrug your shoulders if that is your preference. I won’t be watching. If City supporters themselves can’t be bothered to fill stadiums or line the stress when the players parade silverware then we certainly shouldn’t be losing sleep over their success.

And on a positive note, it could actually mean we finally see the back of Pep. This could be an overly optimistic stance. But the manager has refused to answer questions about his future at the club. Could he walk away after capturing three trophies? His contract still has two more years to run and his latest extension came not so long after ours for Klopp. However, if the Champions League trophy is enough for him to seek his next challenge, that is a silver lining I can get on board with.


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