Not A Matter Of Life Or Death

Football is not a matter of life or death but is more important than forced gestures. I thought I’d go back in time somewhat and discuss something that may not have been covered in great detail over in the States. However, it was inexplicably and unnecessarily a major story over on these shores across the pond

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I’m sure you’re all aware that on the first weekend of this month, the United Kingdom crowned a new monarch for the first time in seven decades.

That was quite a big deal apparently. It was so much so that the Premier League took an unprecedented step in strongly advising the national anthem “God Save The King” be played prior to kickoff at all ten of that weekend’s fixtures.

The Roadblock

In nine of said matchups, the decision was fairly straightforward. Nevertheless, Liverpool was due to host Brentford at Anfield that weekend. This put the club in a precarious position.

ASTV Thursday Night Podcast 5/18/2023

Liverpool fans have, for decades it is worth saying, been known to voice their opposition to Britain’s favorite nursery rhyme whenever the opportunity has presented itself. Although the stance usually arrives in Cup finals, this wider means of protest to the establishment had a new place on this day after the ceremonious coronation.

More To Life

Knowing full well that this would be the case once more against Brentford, the club decided to press ahead and allow the anthem to be played. This shifted the weight of responsibility, and subsequent scrutiny, onto the supporters’ shoulders.

It was a disappointing, albeit inevitable, stance for Liverpool to take ahead of the clash. In the end, it gave England’s rags the easiest and most tedious Sunday headline imaginable.

If this wasn’t covered in depth in America, then frankly that should be seen as a positive. This “incident” demonstrates a desire to focus on football rather than the mind-numbing sideshow on the periphery. All that these outlets value in life is brainless clicks.

Deeper Issues

Ultimately, we just wanted to go watch our club play. We had no intention of partaking in the festivities. Pledging our allegiance to a man born into unimaginable wealth while ruling over a nation with more food banks than McDonald’s wasn’t in the cards.

There is a whole other more political avenue I could go down. But in this instance, I’m choosing to predominantly focus on the British media’s bizarre insistence on taking attention away from what matters in the learned knowledge that negativity towards Liverpool sells.

In the meantime, the only King I’ll be bowing to is an Egyptian one. Running down the wing, he scores loads of goals and dances around defenders. The only palace I am interested in that is in my life begins with “Crystal.”

Liverpool fans exercised their right to peaceful protest. This didn’t really need to occur. Apologies if that was a bit bleak, back to the football next time. As it always should be!

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