Let’s not even try and sugarcoat it. This season has been an absolute mess. We were optimistic, especially after the encouraging 3-1 win against Manchester City in the Community Shield. Needless to say, that is when the season peaked, unfortunately. There are many matches that define this campaign. The 2-2 opener against Fulham set a poor tone. The 5-2 drubbing by Real Madrid at Anfield was humbling. Flat-out embarrassing losses against Bournemouth or Forest sapped hope when we finally looked like we were gaining some momentum. All encapsulated it was a very flat season with missed opportunities.

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But Liverpool has a resilient group of players. Such is the mentality that was instilled by Jurgen Klopp since his arrival in 2015. Going against the grain of rampant negativity throughout the season, I’d say there is a multitude of reasons to expect the Reds to be challenging for honors once again next year.

A Run To Reclaim Hope

Despite the stumble at the end against Villa, Liverpool experienced an excellent run of form to close out the season. This streak no doubt coincided with a systemic change from Klopp featuring Trent Alexander-Arnold in a more central, inverted fullback role. It seems clear that the Liverpool boss intends to push forward with this revamped system. The club looks incredibly assured on both sides of the ball, night and day in comparison to the side that looked so vulnerable for the first three-quarters of the year.

New Arrivals

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Incoming arrivals are already being lined up for the summer. Alexis Mac Allister, Manuel Ugarte, Ryan Gravenberch, and Mason Mount are among the names being consistently linked with a move to Merseyside. The hope is it isn’t just one of that quartet making their way. This season more than highlighted the need for reinforcements, particularly in the midfield. Klopp stated that they are looking to strengthen this summer, which is obviously good news. Couple that with a refined shape and the still world-class core and Liverpool could be cooking with gas soon enough.

The Core Heading Forward

Finally, on the note of that core, a lot of supporters forget that this is still a stellar squad. Mo Salah, Alisson, Virgil van Dijk, Andrew Robertson, and the aforementioned Trent Alexander-Arnold still remain among the best at their positions. A little more help and tweaking here and there, and the Reds will be back challenging for the biggest trophies once again.

Yes, this season has been disappointing. But as in life, things don’t always go your way. Suffering builds character. Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp has proven time and time again that it doesn’t matter how hard they get hit, they always get back up and keep fighting. I hope, no I expect, them to do that exactly next campaign.

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