We are 15 points off the top of the table. 10 points away from Manchester City. It’s all over. Playing for 4th is the best we can do. What’s the point? Sadio Mane is in Munich. Luis Diaz and Diogo Jota are injured. Our midfield is crumbling and our defense is past it. In our darkest days this season, we have all shared those thoughts. It has been difficult to keep the faith. Yet, the reality is that there is a long way to go. We do not make it to the halfway point in the league until the middle of January. The dream is not dead.

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Impacts from the World Cup will vary from club to club. Will the stronger teams suffer a post-Qatar hangover? Our next five Premier League matches include Villa, Brighton, Leicester, Brentford, and Chelsea (at home). All of those are winnable. Is it possible to see City drop points playing Spurs, Chelsea, and even United? Most definitely! Now is not the time to judge, but rather the time we look to that midway point. The start of the season has been underwhelming, but can you imagine putting a dream run together over the Christmas period?

What A Dream Is Made Of

Trent will have something to prove. Firmino and Salah will be ready to go. Who knows, maybe we may spring a surprise signing or two as well! In seasons gone by, I remember clawing big leads back. In ’89, we had been 19 points behind at one juncture only to lose the title on goal difference. With each set of three points, leads can vanish seemingly overnight. Arsenal may be top now, but who knows what the spring will bring.

Keep the faith. We are Liverpool. We were made to dream.