You’ll Never Sing Alone

The Kop End comes to you.

As Allez, Allez, Allez reverberated around the intimate concert venue of Gramps in Miami, the fans in unison as they got an authentic taste of what it must be like to sing in the crowd at Anfield. This was Boss Night Miami and this was special.

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There is something about Liverpool and the city that brings humor and wit and a sharpness of mind that few cities worldwide can match. When it comes to songwriting it is no different. They can come up with the best lyrics that naturally fit the tunes we all know. Where Jamie Webster and Boss Nights have clicked is being able to being these songs to a larger audience. From the stands to the clubs we all sing along. There have been millions of streams online. As a result, there are Liverpool fans around the world who strive to see not just the Reds but to sing and experience unity with fan events like the ones that came about before the Kiev, Madrid, and Paris finals. Is it a coincidence that this togetherness has emerged since the arrival of Jurgen Klopp? Probably not, but it has become another vehicle to connect Liverpool fans across the globe.

Sing, Miami, Sing

I traveled down to Miami with the Palm Beach Supporters Club. The organizers arranged a bus for its members to attend the concert. However, the strong sense of compassion and caring nature of the club was reflected through the OLSC from the fact they diverted the bus to pick me up from work after having car problems.

From there, problems were the farthest thing from our minds. Jamie blasted out all the hits! The Fields of Anfield Road to Saturday Night with Divock Origi to Best In The World is Bobby Firmino to Mo Salah Running Down The Wing. For a moment it felt like we could have been in the Kop end singing. We weren’t, but for that one moment, as we all continued to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone in unison, the hairs stood on the back of your neck. A sense of belonging held steadfast. We may have been thousands of miles away from Merseyside, but on this night we were home.

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