I Love You, Liverpool, I Do

One way or another, we all fell in love with the team in red. Some of us can pinpoint that memory – something magnificent happened that drew us in and made us Kopites forever. As American Scousers, we all reached that point differently.

We didn’t have the privilege of marching down to Anfield to see Kenny Dalglish play (and could HE PLAY). Not many of us were able to sit in the nosebleeds and see Rush score one (or two or three or four). Very few of us experienced Shankley’s XI or Paisley in Rome in ’77. But we all have had dreams and songs to sing! Being on this side of the pond did not allow us to inherit this club by blood, but for many of us, the club chose to love us as much as we chose to love the club.

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Roots Of Our Love

Bill Shankley has a very famous quote; “Liverpool was made for me, and I was made for Liverpool.” I think that resonates with so many supporters. For some, maybe they just came to know the city and supporters for what they are. Liverpool is a city of working-class people who have been of the suffering end of England’s wrath. A city of dockworkers who would give the shirt off their backs for one another. That identity is magnified within the club. Though it is not community-owned, the community is undoubtedly the driving force of Liverpool FC.

Maybe, there are more organic roots to our love. Stevie’s goal in the FA Cup Final, John Barnes in the away end against QPR, or Robbie Fowler pretending to do a little extracurricular activity on the pitch line after scoring come to mind off the bat.


Maybe your love came a little more recently. Alisson’s header to get us into the top four or Luis Suarez pretending to dive in front of Everton and David Moyes. Mo Salah and Bobby Firmino giving us some of the most electric footy this club has ever seen.

And no one can blame you if you began to love this club after experiencing a bit of glory. The comeback against Milan and glory in Istanbul. 4-0 against Barcelona to get into the Champions League final. The first league title in 30 years in a year stricken by COVID. There are no wrong answers; you got here somehow and it does not matter when or why. You are here, you love the club, and if you are anything like me, this club consumes almost every waking moment of your life.

A Red Heart And A Redder Soul

I am happy to be on this journey. My friends joke about my unbridled love for this club. Plans for several tattoos are in the works and my family knows to get me Liverpool merchandise and apparel for the holidays. Scheduling my entire life around any and all Liverpool matches, even that Tuesday afternoon contest against Southampton or Norwich, is the norm. I will speak the ears off of anyone who will listen. I will read and watch anything about the club whenever I can. Roberto Firmino will have my shield even if it means burning cities to the ground. This club is my heart and soul. It is my religion. Being a part of the American Scouser community now is so exciting and I want to share this love with all of you!

I love you, Liverpool. I DO.

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