Carabao Cup Round of 16 – Preston North End 0 – 2 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Liverpool in. City out. The universe restores balance.


Adrian – 8

Some big stops early, especially the one where Gomez goes to sleep and gets beat by a Tesco bagger, running through from midfield. 

Neco Williams – 7

Always looks a half step away from giving it away. I think it’s because he looks as if he’s playing football with an anchor tied to his chin. If he can muscle his head up, Minamino gets an easy 2nd to close out the match. Does decent work to assist the first.   

Matip – 6

Checked out after Gomez left him 4 on 1. Never his sharpest. Pulled at half perhaps to be rested for the weekend. Seen playing Pokemon Go around the stadium grounds until the early morning hours. 

Gomez – 6

At the beginning of the season, the word was that Gomez was the furthest behind in the rehab process of the VVD/Matip/Gomez comeback trail. And his play has confirmed that. Slow to react, without the quick-twitch ability to recover. That was a bit of a rough one.    

Tsimikas – 7

A mixed bag with players along the left he likely rarely trains with. Floats one off the bar, leading to the 2nd goal. Was it a cross or a shot? That’s something that will be argued over campfires for hundreds of years to come as the legend of The Greek Scouser is passed down. 

Jones – 6

Disjointed throughout, but was stronger second half as he got further forward.

Morton – 7

Super tidy in possession. Obviously spent time at the academy locked in a room, watching reel after reel of Fabinho highlights. That ball over the top to Neco which led to the opening goal was maximum Fab spirit.

Ox – 7

Probably the brightest of a messy bunch. Direct and purposeful in attack. But lacking the final ball.

Minamino – 7

I don’t know, man. I want so desperately for him to breakthrough. You can see glimpses of it. He gets in the right areas and puts away chances when he gets them. But then he also struggles to receive it out of the mids and gives it away loads. The lineup and spot starts likely aren’t helping him find his footing. All that being said, he’s a Neco knucklehead moment away from having two on the scoresheet and then we’re all talking about how lovely he is.

Origi– 7

Forget teaching Mo in the school curriculum in Egypt. Origi should be in every business school curriculum worldwide. An inspirational example of how you can get by with minimal drive and effort if you show up in style at the right moments.  

Blair – 6

Be honest. Ever heard of em? Me neither. Looked like a boy among men. Which makes sense since he hasn’t even seen a U-23 match yet. PLAY THE KIDS. Klopp is definitely taking the piss with this one. 


Phillips – 6  (‘45)

Chuffed to see our fan consensus #2 CB get some minutes. Him coming in for one of them Kostas corners is a delicious sight, even though it never came off.  

Conor Bradley – 6 (‘64)

Actually thought he did really well tidying up on the right. A nice juxtaposition that allowed Neco to move up into a role he obviously prefers.

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