Matchweek 10: Liverpool 2 – 2 Brighton – Player Ratings

So yeah, not loving the fact that Brighton is essentially a bogie team for Liverpool now. Apparently, the Kop is still at the traveling end of Old Trafford gloating because Anfield sounded like an empty tomb. Not good enough. From the team or the supporters.

Alisson – 6

You could possibly quibble over whether he’s too far off his line for the first before he suffers sunstroke while back peddling. 

TAA – 5

This was a weird one. Strangely ineffective going forward. Perhaps legged and needing a rest? Just kind of floated in and out of this one like he had other places to be.   

Konate – 5

Seemingly carried the burden. While VVD handled the bulk of distribution out of the back, Konate was in there banging. Looked a touch slow on the turn and struggled at times. 

VVD – 6

Still far from prime VVD. Continues to look human. Hits his signature left to right switch which led to the opening goal.    

Robbo – 4

The first few games I thought it was an anomaly. Then I was convinced it was tactical and intentional. Then I thought it was down to fatigue. I honestly don’t know anymore. Why, oh why, and how has Robbo forgotten how to hold a high line? Seriously woke up in cold sweats with visions of him dropped deep by 5 yards with Brighton passing right through it and the X-files theme song playing. Then Lamptey gets subbed on and just toyed with him. Hard to watch.

Jones – 5

Welp. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Lovely lad going forward struggles immensely with his defensive assignments.

Henderson – 6

Scores a tidy opener and then spends the second half trying to keep the wheels from coming off. Clearly not at his most effective in the 6 and struggled to hold the midfield shape. To his defense, he had a, like a 5th choice midfield pairing in front of him, neither of which defend with regularity.

Naby – 6

This is beginning to feel like that abusive relationship I was in with Daniel Sturridge.

Mane – 7

Loves him a header. Looked much more like himself on the day. Did loads to come out and try to help in the mids. Between Robbo having the effectiveness of a retired cold war tank and only one midfielder who can consistently play the system, there simply wasn’t enough of him to go around.

Firmino – 5

Disappointing outing. Should be tucking the early chance away to go up 2. Sunk into the mids but failed to create the space and orchestrate the interplay that makes the thing go. Left on about 15 minutes too long. 

Salah – 7

Even in the form of his life, he couldn’t find the magic moment. Did loads of work to get us there though. Put it on a plate for Hendo and created several other chances that on another day would have seen the back of the net. 


Ox – 6  (‘20)

Puts an incredible ball in for Mane to score the second. Then slowly disappears over the course of the next ‘70.  

Jota – 5 (‘78)

Should have been on earlier. But then again, wasn’t any better than Bobby. 6 touches in 15 minutes isn’t going to get you over the line. 

Minamino – N/A (‘87)

What’s even the point? Had 90 minutes to help out a midfield getting throttled. Did manage to get the same amount of touches as Jota AND a yellow card in under 4 minutes. Efficient.

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