Matchweek 5: Liverpool 3 – 0 Crystal Palace

3 points. Key players rested. Next up Norwich.


Match Ratings


Alisson – 9

Thought he was absolutely massive. Both in his positioning and his distribution. Criminally overlooked. Best in the world, no doubt.

Milner – 8

I had an eyebrow raised before kickoff. I had an empty glass raised by full time. DId excellent to neutralize the pace of Zaha. Absolutely died when I realized he made it through that slugfest without a yellow.   

Konate – 6

Mixed bag in his debut. A step slow on the high line. You can tell he’s still learning the system. Won some good individual duels with Tekkers and Zaha and pinged some lovely balls forward 2nd half. 

VVD – 7

Did a good job in the big brother role next to Konate. Likely not a coincidence he’s back and we’re scoring loads of set-piece goals. About passed out when he got rolled into and went down. Resting heart rate returned to normal about 15 minutes after he got back up and was fine.  

Tsmikas – 7

Don’t care what anyone says. Has the prettiest corner delivery of anyone in the world. Can’t help but want to desperately hand him an espresso every time he saunters up to hit one. Probably lucky not to concede a penalty on that weird Benteke sitch.

Fabinho – 7

Did a good job holding shape and shadowing Konate. Looked a bit legged. Hope he sleeps ‘til midweek, sets an alarm to watch the cup match, and then goes back to sleep until Brentford.

Thiago– 7

There’s hobbling off with a knock and then there’s that. The hobbliest of hobbles. Given his injury history, it’s worrying, to say the least. Naby lad, it’s your time.

Henderson – 7 

Who loves Jordo on the right side of the midfield more? Jordo or me? Doesn’t matter. Thought he was brilliant doing loads of work helping Fab help Konate. Had the freedom to roam like a post-apocalyptic marauding raider. 

Mo – 9

Played like he was personally offended by the Fifa 22 downgrade. Looked capable of scoring on every touch. Did loads of work coming back into the mids so that Milner could stay home. Yellow carded for being too bloody sexy. 

Sadio – 8 

Out of his head. Traded his hammers back for his original feet. He’s back. Hopefully. He’s back though right guys?

Jota – 6

Thought he struggled, sitter aside. Didn’t offer an outlet out of defense, gave it away loads going forward. Far from his best at a time where we need him at his best. 




Naby Lad – 8  (‘62)

Can’t remember the last time I celebrated a league goal like a CL final game-winner. Only celebration better than mine was Naby’s. Really slapped that one home.

Curtis Jones – 7 (‘76)  

He looks really bright. Will be interesting to see if he gets used for front three depth at some point.

Origi – N/A (’88)

I don’t want to objectify the lad by giving him a rating out of 10. He’s a person, after all.


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