English League Cup Round 3: Norwich 0 – 3 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Trotted the kids out. Got a clean sheet. The emergence of Taki. The continuing resurrection of Origi. Absolutely chuffed about the result and how we got it.  Next up, the Bees.


Kelleher – 8

Not terribly busy but did really well, impersonating the Alisson “sweeper-keeper” role. Fantastic save on the pen. 

Conor Bradley – 7

He’s been quietly crushing it at the Academy. Made up he got first-team minutes. Got outfoxed to concede the penalty but was bright on the whole.   

Konate – 7

On three days rest, a bit of a mixed bag but progressing nicely overall. An absolute man mountain. 

Gomez – 7

Did well to captain a largely, inexperienced backline. Tremendous block on the rebound off the missed pen.  

Tsimikas – 8

A Kostas cross. The lighthouse of Alexandria. The Great Pyramid of Giza. Stonehenge. One of these things is not like the other. It’s obviously Stonehenge which is an underwhelming tourist trap while the others are natural marvels of the world.

Curtis Jones – 7

Started in the anchor and was almost Gini like in retaining possession. Much brighter moving forward once Morton was subbed on.

Naby Lad – 6

Largely unanimous throughout the first half. Subbed off at half with a knock he got while “Kick(ing) the grass” according to the gaffer. You cannot make this stuff up, folks.

Ox – 5 

I don’t know if he’s on bottle duty at night with the new baby. Or… I mean… I don’t know. It just needs to stop. It’s hard to watch and we need him to not be shite. Better second half, including a layoff & assist where he had the sense to get out of the way and let Taki do his thing.

Gordon – 7

The 5th youngest debutant in a Liverpool kit looked lively throughout. Faded a bit down the stretch but had a really nice through ball to Origi that maybewouldacoulda been an assist on another night. 

Origi – 8 

His best performance in years. And it’s not even close. Yes, he got on the score sheet but he also did the little things that have been out of his game for ages. Excellent movement off the ball,  kept the ball alive during set-piece duals, created opportunities all night. Mad that we don’t sign another attacker and Origi just shows up like he’s clocking in from a two-year vacation.

Minamino– 9

He ditched the ‘stache which I’m a bit broken up about but…. if he continues like this, I’ll work through it. Scrappy and instinctual all night. Banging quick turn for the first and proper poach for the second goal knowing full well he couldn’t hit it clean. Long may it continue.


Tyler Morton – 7  (‘45)

Thought that was a really tidy debut from the 18 yr old. Good turn of pace, fundamentally sound. Kept it simple and really got it forward with quickness and intention. The future is bright.

Robbo – 6 (‘66)  

A little bit concerned that he’s forgotten how to hold a high line. But not nearly as concerned as I am that his rating and the time substituted together are 666. BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Henderson – N/A (‘85)

Floppy disks to entering in code on a Spectrum 48K… Clearly not a lot going on in the transfer market for Liverpool at the moment
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