Matchweek 2: Liverpool 2 – 0 Burnley – Player Ratings

Nothing like shaking off the cobwebs in the wee hours, stateside, to watch Burnley start time wasting in the 20th minute. Playing Burnley’s like fighting a dinosaur. Contrary to what common sense would tell you, it’s harder for them to twat you in the knees if you hold really still…

Alisson – 8

Bringing new football meaning to “the hand of God” with these late game blinders. Apparently he becomes super human after the 80th. Rumor is he suffered a strange spider bite right before West Brom last year. Makes sense.

TAA – 9

I’m just going to come out and say it. We will win the title if Trent stays fit and carries on this form. A sterling performance. Couldn’t have defended better and was dropping absolute dimes all game. The kind of piece that title winning sides are built around.

Matip – 8

So so so good coming out of the back with the ball at his feet. Doesn’t hurt that I desperately want to have beers with Joel and share “fun facts”… 

Van Dijk – 7

His speed may not be back entirely but his positioning is. The fact that he’s built like an agile colossus means that’s good enough to be better than 95% of centerbacks not named Joel. Jump started the second goal with that big diagonal switch we missed so much last year.

Tsimikas – 8

At times he looks like a small boat being tossed about a rocky sea. But he comes out with those heavy eye lids and just pings in absolute gems into the box. The delivery doesn’t get much better than the ball in for the first goal. Klopp is going to have a decision to make regarding how quickly he puts Robbo back in (hat tip*).

Keita – 7

Another solid outing. Had a bad giveaway first half in a dangerous spot but on the whole was tidy and disciplined. Something you couldn’t say often, prior to this season. Massively improved so far. 

Henderson – 7

Clearly not at 100% but the ball just moves quicker through the progression when he’s there. Offered the big switch, with accuracy and efficiency throughout.

Harvey – 8

It’s hard not to overreact to a full debut. We did it with Ibe, woodburn etc. But, my word, the kid plays with so much maturity. That little hesitation before releasing Mo on the goal that got chalked off… (chef’s kiss*). And he did bits like that, all game. A massively exciting youngster.

Sadio – 7 

Really battled with a physical Burnley defense. Deserved the goal on the run of work he’s put in over the last two matches. Quality half volley as well.

Jota – 7

Has a little bit of that Dirk Kuyt thing where the ball just seems to find him. Even among a big and brutal Burnley back line. We talk about his speed and direct attacking prowess. My suspicion is he’s got an incredibly high football IQ and reads the space well.  

Mo – 8

Despite not getting on the score sheet, was immense. Partnered really well with Harvey and Trent, throughout. Inches away from have 2 or 3 goals on the day. 


Thiago- 5

Gave it away loads as Burnley drug the match into the gutter late on… Far from his best.

Firmino – 6

Does what Bobby does. Created pressure, played the half spaces and jump started the counters.

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