What to Watch: Matchweek 34

The leagues are coming to an end across Europe and while some are all but wrapped up in terms of the title winners, there are still several intriguing matchups
for Champions League spots as well as relegation battles.

Here are my suggestions for this week. I will go a different route and suggest some races to follow and you can determine the route you take based on the channels you
have access to as well as leagues that catch your interest.

Ligue 1 – Saturday

If you have followed this segment or listen to our podcast regularly, you know how much I despise Neymar. This has created a great interest in rooting against PSG in all competitions and the Ligue 1 battle is currently on top of my list of leagues I have been keeping a close eye on. Both Lille and PSG play on Saturday with PSG playing Lens early in the day and will want to win to keep the pressure on Lille who plays later in the day against Nice.

I am not a Lille fan by any means even though the fact that they have quite a few Turkish players on their roster has made them more interesting to
watch. My main interest in this is PSG losing out more than anything else.

La Liga – Saturday&Sunday

The French league is not your thing? How about Spain? Barcelona blew a big chance by losing at home and a title race which looked like was all but over a few months ago is wide open with the three usual suspects going at it with 3 weeks to go. Both Madrid teams are playing are in action on Saturday while Barcelona will play on Sunday. Will Atletico Madrid choke this title away? I do not personally have a rooting interest in any of these teams despite having a dislike at varying levels for all three. An interesting race to follow regardless if La Liga is one of the leagues you enjoy watching

Premier League – Saturday

The only intriguing matchup aside from our game against United on Sunday is the Chelsea vs Fulham game. This is Fulham’s last chance to keep their hopes alive and they will be facing a Chelsea team that played midweek in a very physical game. This is also an important game for Liverpool as we hope to see Chelsea lose points to open the door for us to make up ground we have sadly lost in 2 poor performances, giving away 4 points by not being able to close out games.

Regardless of what you watch, hope everyone has a great weekend. The main even is on Sunday for me and a win at Old Trafford would go a long way
in terms of getting some confidence for the boys, salvage some pride in the season, and keeping hopes alive for the top 4.