Matchweek 20: Tottenham 1 – 3 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Alright! We’re back.
We’ve said “alright lads, just like 2019/20… but without center backs!” If the industrial age had an all-time midfield, two thirds of it would be comprised of James Milner & Gini. Bobby’s tail is up, Trent remembered what attacking football is supposed to look like and Mo & Mane are back to their best. Long may it continue.


Becker – 7
Big ol’ paw to keep the clean sheet going into half. I don’t think anyone’s stopping that Hojbjerg strike. 

TAA – 9
His best game in recent memory. Played high and narrow and started having a proper go at goal again.

Matip – 7
45 minutes of class. 45 minutes of glass. I’d buy that shirt. Seriously gutted though.

Henderson – 9
Cannot adequately explain what a massive achievement that performance was. Has no business being on the backline, but kept everyone tight and on the front foot as well. Brought back the long diagonal ball to Trent that we’ve been missing since Virg went down.

Robertson – 6
Standard Jack Russel like work rate, although most of the action went down Trent’s side. 

Milner – 7
Hugely needed steel in the mids. Bought as many fouls as he gave out. Good overall performance.

Thiago – 6
Played in a bit of a recessed role. Did that thing where he lunges in clumsily and gets an early yellow. Better after he split his head and came back as a mystery flavored dum dum pop. 

Gini – 7
The ultimate balance of graft and elegance. Got better with every minute.

Salah – 8
Gave the law office of Davies and Doherty absolute fits. Would have scored had John Moss not decided that we needed to look through 5 minutes of play to find a handball or a foul….but not that the foul…the handball…that’ll do…

Firmino – 8
Even if he doesn’t score at the stroke of halftime, thought he was magnificent. Dropping deep, linking up, tricks and flicks, threading through balls onto mo & mane…

Mane – 9
At the center of everything. Missed a couple of easy chances early but absolutely love how unfazed he was by it. Kept at it and got his just rewards. The work he put in before Trent got in on the rebound was jaw dropping.


Phillips – 7 (‘45)
Like…feel like he did…like…really well. Also that yellow was total shite. Classic Atkinson. Nob.

Jones – 6 (‘78)

Origi – NA (‘87)