Matchweek 21: West Ham 1 – 3 Liverpool – Player Ratings

6 points on the trot in like 3 days? I’m havin’ that. Loads to gush over here despite the lineup looking like a game of pin-the-tail-on-whoevers-healthy. Had that second goal on a 60 second loop just replaying on the tele all day.


Becker – 7
Honestly didn’t even notice him until Ox fell asleep and he had to pick it out of the net. 

TAA – 8
Continues his up tick in form. Clearly enjoys being further forward. Gets a full point for being pass #2 of a 3 pass wonder goal.

Phillips – 9
Comes in an absolutely bosses everything in the air. Shame he’s not CL eligible. Unrelated, I feel like he probably looks really good in overalls.

Henderson – 8
I’m with Milner on this one. You don’t necessarily have to play that well, lad. The midfield needs you.

Robertson – 7
Seems like he’s playing a bit further back. Could be related to Trent being more advanced. But also maybe not, what the feck do I know? 

Gini – 8
Starts in the anchor and still manages to score. HA! Made up that he smiles with his eyes closed.

Milner – 7
Throws himself into everything with all the steel and grit of a steam locomotive. Wholesome family moment of the year with Kloppo during the substitution standoff / goal. 

Thiago – 7
All the class without the usual early yellow card.

Shaq – 8
Put in loads of work in the midfield then waddles out and has the audacity to ping that ball onto Mo from like 60 yards out on the trot. Absolutely mad he even tries it. 

Divock – 6
Far from his worst output. Don’t think that’s necessarily heaping praise on ‘em. Even with his size, unable to find the run and make an impact. 

Mo – 10 
Back to his absolute, mind bending best. That touch with his weak foot followed by the dink over the keeper conjured the ghost of Luis Suarez (vs. Newcastle). Goosebumps.


Jones – 7 (‘57)
Comes in and straight away has good interchange that leads to Mo’s opener. Decisive, direct, boss.

Firmino – 7 (‘68)
It’s almost unfair to bring on a player like Bobby against a gassed defense. Feints the shot leaving two defenders for dead before teeing up Gini. (chef kiss)*

Ox – NA (‘80)
Might get a little extra work during training on set piece marking this week.