Gameweek 11 brings the FPL player finally into the dreaded Christmas busy period! Have you laid your foundations for a Bench Boost? Are you ready to risk it all for Triple Captain in a double Gameweek? Well hopefully you have not pulled the trigger on those quite yet.. my inside sources tell me the DGW ( Double Game Week) could be as late as GW 24/25 and a slight possibility of some DGW slots for the GW18/19. So hold on to those chips for a few more weeks!

Transfer Tips

Who will you be your One Free GW Transfer? Is it worth the penalty of minus 4 points to have an extra transfer? Maybe one of these three could be your answer.

Mendy 5.2 mil
5 Clean Sheets more than any other GK.

Neto 5.6 mil
Highest scoring midfielder under 6.0 mil.

Vardy 10.3 mil
Most Transfered in FWD in GW10.

Top 5 Points GW10

Gini Mini Mane – Mo 80
Jurgenauts – 78
New Newcastle – 72
Ash 83 – 68
Vortex FC – 67

First off, great team names this week but excellent performances from all positions in the table! Vortex FC sneaking into the Top 5 last week with 67 points is currently in the “relegation zone”! Meanwhile at the Top of the table, Jurgenauts in second place overall with a massive 78 GW10 points. However the honours go to a great team name this week in Gini Mini Mane and Mo with the highest points in our group for GW10 with 80! When the average was 44, that’s excellent going!

Highest GW10 points

Yet another Triple Captain

Maybe I’m wrong and Double GW Points will end up backfiring, but I doubt it. Keep track of in-form and injury proof players as the season goes on, then look for favourable fixtures to finally release your Triple Captain and watch those double points stack up!

The Top 10

Our #2 in the overall table also received #2 in the highest GW10 points last week! So well done on closing the gap to Robber FC! Maybe next week it will be #1!

The FPL Scout

A quick glance on the Official FPL App will bring you to The Scout. It’s a section that you must familiarize yourself with and can be a valuable tool each week for any FPL player. What has caught my eye this week is the focus on LFC players. Jota has been heavily featured and once again Salah has rejoined the conversation. So whether or not you replaced Salah, possibly you have yet to bring in Jota, The Scout Experts have their say on the cut price midfielder in Jota and Salah possibly returning as your captain.

The Armband

Who is your FPL GW 11 captain? Could it be Vardy? Or perhaps KDB or Mahrez? Possibly you’ve kept Salah in the wings waiting for his Captain Points.. either way, one would expect points galore if all goes to plan for these respective teams this weekend. Vardy away to Sheffield, City at home to Fulham and LFC at Anfield hosting Wolves. Picking a captain can make or break your week so best not to use bias. I would love for Salah to get 3 assists, a clean sheet and a goal… maybe he will! But it seems the smart money this week is on KDB for captain versus Fulham.