Fantasy Deadline Reminder GW8

Gameweek 8 is on the horizon, and we are barreling down on another Friday fantasy deadline. Who do you need to transfer out? Who do you want in? Have injuries plagued your team? Is it time for your Wildcard or 1 Week Free Hit? You only have a few hours left before the deadline… what are waiting on?

It may seem like a lot of questions, some that you have probably already asked yourselves. Maybe some have already used your perks. Here, you will find little nudges in the right direction. So let’s have a look at this weeks transfer tips.

Transfer Tips – GW8


Che Adams

With the unfortunate injury to former Red Danny Ings, Che is almost guaranteed at the very least minutes on the pitch.

Pablo Fornals

With a points total of 39 this season, his goal last week has alot of FPL players monitoring this bargain buy.

Diogo Jota

The name sending defenders to bed at night sweating returns to the English coast with his first Liverpool hat-trick in the bag. The twenty minute spell last week earned him 8 FPL points. Incredibly Jota is classed as a midfielder in FPL, which means more points for goals.

These three are relatively cheap alternatives if you feel it is time to release one of your underperforming “stars.” You might be using your free transfer each week to save up enough cash to spend big. If that is the case, any one of these three should be right up your alley. Early on in the season, it is best to avoid taking the penalty of an extra game week signing, but if you feel you can offset the four points this week to hopefully gain more along the way then go ahead.  Don’t be afraid to take the hit!

The Perks

I keep harping on about the Triple Captain being used during the “busy period” where the points from two GWs are combined into one week. Two games in one week during December. However it is not as simple as all that – if it were simple, it would not be the FPL way. Triple captaining an in-form goal scorer could be massive. Imagine doubling it, IF you save it for a double-match GW. It could make or break your season in one week!

By getting your team in fighting shape for this busy period, your team can gain value. That can be useful if you are thinking about using the second Wildcard in the January Transfer Window. I feel its useful to try to upgrade your bench if you are able to, so as to maximize your bench boost for whenever you feel like using it.

GW7 Highest point winner! Another Triple captain, but imagine x2 for a double GW!

Top 5 AS CUP points GW7

Phoenix96 – A. Kunnath (76 pts)
Anfieldanapolis FC – B. Smyth (76)
Ynwa – p. Papazoglou (76)
Strand Rovers – C. Nevin (73)
Skalla Lawn – J. Skalla (72)

Yet another low average week (53), followed yet again by another Highest GW7 points including a triple captain (131). Our group of winners this week on 76 points have done well considering the low points week. A special mention this week with a tied top 3 has to go to YNWA with the use of the Wildcard to help earn valuable points in the bottom half of the table. Well done to everyone, another hard fought FPL week over!

That should give us all hope and if your team has not hit the heights of others, it can all change in one weekend. Take a look at our high score from GW7 of 76 Points, and Congratulations to Arunlal, Bryan an Peter. Peter showing us all how much that is true all the way down in 131st position. I am sure Peter’s team will continue to rise up the charts showing us all it’s a marathon not a sprint!  Make the most of it….

YNWA Peter! Joint top GW7 with the help of the Wildcard.

The AS Crew Top 5

16) Teuszy FC – 412 pts (+59)
30) Red Asterisks FC – 400 (+42)
36) Turkishstallions – 396 (+50)
46) WhowantsTacoSalah – 391 (+55)
67) IrishNatPhillips – 377(+43)

Well done to everyone except myself.  I really need to pull my socks up, especially considering I am attempting to give you fantastic people advice!

I tend to believe my Fantasy team doing well depends entirely on LFC. If we are top of the table, my Fantasy suffers, so long may it continue on both fronts!


The Top 10

More challenging the Top Ten this week – Well done!

Only 20 points separate our AS Cup 2020 Top Four.

Last year’s AS Cup winner Ola is 25 points ahead of me, and, sitting on 400 points, is the benchmark!  Ola is still only 60 points behind the leader and still has every shot at this year’s title.

And there we have it everyone! Another week in the bag, with another just about to start. DO NOT FORGET TO PICK YOUR TEAM, and GOOD LUCK!  Internationals return next week. Until then sing it with me… Liverpool, top of the league, Liverpool, Liverpool top of the league!