Liverpool FC Women vs Lewes & Manchester City

After a few weeks of no soccer, we are finally back and were blessed with two games this week.  We saw the Liverpool FC women take on Lewes for a league match, as well as Manchester City for another round of the FA Women’s League Cup!

LFC vs Lewes

The week started on Sunday, when the ladies in red faced Lewes away. In regular fashion, Liverpool’s Amalie Thestrup slotted one in early for the Reds, giving them the lead 25 minutes into the game. Lewes fought back and finally equalized right before the end of the half, when Katie Rood put one in the back of the net in the 43rd minute.  The game went into the half with the teams tied, as the first half was very up in the air and it was truly anyone’s game.  Both sides looked hungry for more.

The second half began like the first with an early goal from the Reds, Rinsola Babajide sending one into the back of the net 13 minutes into the second half. The Reds dominated, but Lewes were not going down without a fight. The half continued, with plenty of shots and missed opportunities for both teams. Liverpool was looking good with a 2-1 lead, until Lewes once again made it a tie game with a great goal from Ellie Hack in the 73rd minute.  With just under 20 minutes remaining, it was questionable to how this game would end.  It was a tough fight, but the Reds could not pull off the win they were looking for. The game ended 2-2, both teams leaving with a point.

LFC vs Manchester City

As I mentioned, we were blessed with two LFC Women’s game this week, with a cup, with the FA Women’s League Cup match against Manchester City at home.  Unfortunately, the ladies were not as lucky as they had been in earlier games, taking their first serious loss of the season.  For most of the first half, Liverpool stayed resilient.  Manchester City finally broke the deadlock right before halftime, with Laura Coombs giving City a 1-0 lead as they walked to the dressing room.

It did not take long for City to pick up where they left off. City make it 2-0 early in the second period with a goal from Rose Lavelle, an American hero.  Liverpool did not give up, and were able to put a few shots on target. The second half ended similarly to the first:  before the whistle blew City decided to add one more to the score sheet, and Jess Park made it a 3-0 game.  It was not the outcome the team was looking for.  Let’s hope this is not the same outcome that we see when the men’s team plays City this weekend!

You can catch the next Women’s match Sunday at 8:00 am CST vs Sheffield United at Prenton Park!