The American Gerrard- Transfer News and Rumors-Rival Roundup

The name’s Gerrard, Jordan Gerrard,” also known as “The American Gerrard!” You know about the Welsh Pirlo, you’ve seen the Egyptian Messi, but you never knew about the American Gerrard! When the American Scouser needed a transfer expert, I was there to smash it in from long range with an absolute belter. What a hit son, what a hit!

This week I wanted to try something different in addition to my normal weekly article. As much as I dislike talking about clubs other then Liverpool, it is important to keep everyone informed on what our Premier League opponents have been doing in the transfer window, as well.

Manchester City

Our closest challengers, Manchester City, have already been busy in the transfer window completing the notable signings of Ferran Torres and Nathan Ake

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Torres, a pacey 20-year old Spanish right winger, was a rumored target for Liverpool at one point.  City purchased him from Valencia this summer for $26 million.  Pep Guardiola has always had a favoritism toward Spanish players, but it is easy to see why they pursued the deal.  To an outsider, the young, skillful Torres appears like the type Liverpool would normally look to recruit, but they might have deemed him unworthy due to personal or financial reasons, if they were truly interested in the first place. 

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As much as I like Nathan Ake as a player, I do believe this was a poor signing for all parties involved.  City will now have another injury-prone center back – I am envisioning a scenario next season where Laporte and Ake both end up with injuries and City end up with the same defensive issues they had before signing Ake.  Let us not forget the injury to Laporte and how much it derailed their title defense this season.

Jamie Carragher recently pointed out that Laporte and Ake are both left-footed which usually does not work well in center back partnerships. With the potential departure of John Stones, Eric Garcia and Nicolas Otamendi, Man City appear to be clearing house defensively. They could be in for more defensive reinforcements before the summer window closes.

Money-wise, this is probably a great move for Ake; however I believe Pep’s rotation system and the possibility of City seeking yet another first team center back will see Ake’s playing time reduced – and his progression disrupted.


Arsenal have signed Brazilian winger Willian. Arsenal were able to land him on a free transfer, but I am reading that with wages and bonuses over three years, this deal will cost Arsenal in the region of £35 million.

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This comes at a time when news has broken Arsenal were forced to make redundant (lay off) staff due to loss of matchday revenue. At first glance signing a new player on extremely high wages while unable to afford to pay everyday staff looks like a terrible PR move, not to mention poor ethics.   But, playing devil’s advocate…. maybe the price will end up not seeming so high, because it is scheduled over a three-year period instead of all at once (Ed. – and a large part of his compensation is made up in appearances bonuses and “loyalty” fees).


Most people know Chelsea have signed Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech. They are also being heavily linked with finalizing a move for Kai Havertz.

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We all already know the Timo Werner saga very well, so I will not say any more.

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Hakim Ziyech was actually signed back in January with Chelsea agreeing to allow him to finish the season with Ajax.

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I am reading that the Havertz deal was held up awaiting the completion of Bayer Leverkusen’s season.  Seeing as they got knocked out of their last competition – the Europa League – last week, I expect some movement on this soon.

I cannot help but feel sorry for some of those young promising players already in the squad like Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, and maybe even Christian Pulisic.   With so many new offensive signings, Chelsea’s existing players will all get less game time – unless they move on to another team.

I was personally very impressed with how well Lampard’s young players did this season. It feels like a slap in the face to reward their achievements and progress with a place on the bench. If it were me, I would have sorted out that mutinous keeper and signed a center back, not additional attackers.

Manchester United

Manchester United paid a large fee to cancel Alexis Sanchez’ contract and get his wages off the books. He then quickly signed for Inter Milan (where he had been impressing since the restart), his United experience further proving whoever wears the number 7 for the scum is cursed.

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United have been trying to sign Jadon Sancho all summer.

Reports this week say United failed to offer a reasonable fee before Borussia Dortmund’s deadline and any potential agreement is now off the table. Other reports cited Sancho was not keen on the deal and preferred a move to Liverpool anyways.


For now these are the known done deals worth mentioning. I will provide an update later this preseason detailing the rest of our rivals big-money moves (but hopefully there will not be many – HAHA!)

I’m Jordan Gerrard and as always I thank you for reading.

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