Hooch’s Tuesday Mailbag

Good day fellow Reds! We are fully engulfed into the silly season! We have been linked to everyone who has ever laced up the boots it seems like. To make some sense of it all, I asked for some questions from the readers. Below are a few of their questions mixed in with some hypothetical ones.

“Would it make sense for us to go after Dani Alves? Great cover at RB, a proven winner to add experience to the dressing room, and available on a free. He has also said that he wants to play in the PL. Can’t see the drawback of  having one of the all-time greats as a cover/mentor for TAA. What is the likelihood we make an offer?”-Michael Van Ness

While in name recognition it makes sense, outside of that, I don’t see much value in it. Alves was great in his time. However at 36 years old, that seems counteractive to what Klopp has been about. His last two transfers have been on a free. From Barca to Juve. Then Juve to PSG. That should tell you something right there. Plus his weekly wage at PSG last season was a staggering 230K per week. I can’t see bringing in someone of that age and wage demand. I think that Trent has adjusted quite well to the rigors of top flight football. I would much rather bring in a midfielder and keep Milner/Gomez as cover for RB this upcoming season.

“Who is the better Klopp successor, Xabi or Stevie?”Jack Murphy

I have often said ever since Stevie took up the managerial role as the U-18 skipper, that the perfect succession plan would be five or so years of Klopp followed by Steven Gerrard. He has shown a knack for recognizing talent in that in his autobiography, he said of a sixteen year old TAA, “Trent Arnold has a terrific chance of making it as a top professional. He’s quite leggy but he’s got a lovely frame and seems to have all the attributes you need.” Four years later and Trent only had the cheekiest corner in European history. I also think that with Gerrard taking over Rangers and Xabi just starting out, Stevie is much more advanced  in his managerial career. I think we’ll get three more years of Klopp. Then Stevie takes over the helm, and perhaps history repeats itself with Xabi by his side, only this time in the technical area.

“I’m sorry, will you guys please have me back?” –Philippe     

No. Não. Niet. Nein. Nahi. Voch.

“How ’bout me? I want to win the Champions League”-Raheem

Close but oh so VAR bro.

“I have been waiting for almost a year now for Monsieur Edwards to come back to offer me a chance to join the great Champions D’Europe? What is Les holdup?” –Nabil

Je suis désolé Nabil. However at this time, LFC do not feel the need to risk time and money on a player who was signed sealed and delivered, only to come out his physical and have suspect knees. The way this club is set up for now and the future cannot be hamstrung by a contract to a player with a questionable medical chart. For further reference see; Sturridge, Daniel.

“Olá, Phillipe here again…”


With the uncertainty at the backup GK spot, Who do you think would be a viable option as the #2 choice?            LK1

That is actually a very good question LK1. With Migs seemingly on his way out the door, there is no clear cut option for a number two keeper. It is time to look elsewhere for a backup to Alisson. You…err…Karius…I don’t think could come back at this point and serve as a backup. While y.. he did well to get us to the final two years ago, I just can’t see coming back early from loan to sit on the bench. A name to keep an eye on is one Gigi Buffon. There has been recent talks to him going to Leeds United, but I can’t see him going to a Championship side to finish his career, unless its to win a Championship with Liverpool. With the number of competitions we are in though, it’s imperative the LFC don’t drop the ball on this one!

Well that’s it guys! Thanks for dropping by my inaugural Tuesday Mailbag! Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below! Starting now, I am looking for questions to feature next week! Jump on now, and get your questions in! As always, thanks for taking the time to read, like, follow and subscribe!