Good day fellow Reds! What a season it has been! We made it through just around ten months of football just to endure the craziest three months of the year. That’s right people, I’m talking about the Silly Season! With seemingly a new name and new rumor appearing almost daily, its time for your Friendly Neighborhood Hooch to sort out the sensical and nonsensical chatter appearing on ya’ll’s daily feed. Below I’m going to delve into some of the household and not so household names of which could be wearing the Liverbird upon their chest next season.

With really no glaring holes, this Transfer Window seems to lack a certain excitement of the last few. I guess that is the sign of a club that is as stable as this one is now. No longer needed are huge names with huge sums of money attached to drum up interest. Now, its more about adding depth and competition to get into the weekly team sheet. So far only Left-Back Alberto Moreno and Striker Daniel Sturridge have been confirmed to leave this summer. Mr. Do it all James Milner looks set to extend his stay in Merseyside after his boyhood club Leeds United failed to gain promotion from the Championship. That in and of itself almost counts for two signings based on his ability to slot in basically anywhere in the starting XI.

Joel Matip as well as “The Closer” Divock Origi also are tipped to be on the summer radar due for extensions. Pretty wild considering they were thought to be as good as gone last January! With the depth they provide upfront and in the back, there are not a lot of minutes up for grabs.

I think either Shaq, Lallana or Lovern may see themselves become casualties this off-season. However, with a European Cup attached to their name, also attached is a higher price tag. We see this all the time in American Sports. I’ve personally seen it with the Pittsburgh Penguins recent success. All of a sudden, third line centers and bottom pair defenseman get offered a few more million than they were actually worth. At least LFC are able to cash in on that inflated value.

The Long Shots

I’m going to preface this in saying that we are out of the running for Dutch Center-Back Matthijs De Ligt. I know he is constantly being brought up because of his national team connection to Virgil and Gini, but I can’t see LFC shell out another $75 million for a defender. Not only that, but according to reports, he is looking for a $250K per week wage. That would instantly make one of Liverpool’s highest paid players without even playing a game for them. That could definitely rub some in the locker room the wrong way. Let Barca or PSG have him. He is the typical transfer they need to make it seem they “win” the off-season. Splash big money at the next big thing just to flex their financial muscles. We’ve all seen how that has turned out for both clubs in recent years; I.E. Neymar and Coutinho.

Nabil Fekir 25 – If only because we were so close to getting him last year, and we’ve seen Klopp show incredible patience going after a player he really wants. Just look at the time spent on Virgil and Naby. However, I think this ship has sailed as not much as been said about him. In 29 games last year the 25 year old tallied 9 goals and 7 assists. Valued around $68 million, maybe Lyon would take less instead of losing him on a free next summer, but I doubt it. 

Phillip Coutinho 26– My how the tables have turned. After he did everything he could to force a move to his dream club, its time for him to wake up. Only a season and a half later, Barca is ready to move off him for well less than what they paid for the The Little…Magician. Depending on what you read, Barca is willing to take anywhere from $100 million to as low as $65 million. He scored only 5 goals last year and only added 2 assists. Virgil put up the same numbers as a CB. I can’t see this happening at all. Too much ill will built up with the fans. Only buy him back just to loan him out to Huddersfield. He feels like more of a Chelsea or PSG signing. That’s gonna be a no for me dawg.

So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance

Nicolas Pepe 23– In 38 games last year, the Lille winger amassed 22 goals and 11 assists. Mind you, that’s in a league not known for its defensive prowess, but still pretty nice stats. It would take around $75 million to land the man from the Ivory Coast, but it could be worth it. However, it could be hard to reckon spending that match coin on a winger, when we are pretty set at that position. Maybe you bring him in this year with an eye for the future in that a year or two, maybe one of our front three move on. Adding to the intrigue is the fact that the same journo who broke the Fabinho signing last year, has us in for Pepe. A definite maybe.

Bruno Fernandes– A little better value perhaps. It looks like an offer of around $65 million could be enough to get him here. In 33 games last season he scored 20 goals and added 13 assists. He has been quoted as saying that he likes our style of football and the intensity that Klopp brings. That maybe could be enough for him to come and be willing to wait it out. As I said before, our front three won’t be here forever. We’ll have to hurry up and wait for this to play out.

Will For Sure Happen

Forgotten in all of this is that we have players in our system right now who look like the can slot in for what we need. In the grand scheme of things its hard to spend big money on a player who in all likelihood would find it hard to start, and even harder to convince said player to be a backup. That is why I think we need to look at some of the players we already have.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain– After really starting to find his form two years ago, he was lost for basically all of last year. He will be back 100% for this upcoming campaign. He has a chance to push for a spot in the starting mid-field and will be a force off the bench if he doesn’t make the starting XI.

Harry Wilson– It’s time to see what this kid has. He spent all of last season scoring worldies including that one against the Scum. It looks like he will be given the summer to prove that he has what it takes to finally make this squad. In 40 games for Derby last year, he put in 15  goals and added only 3 assists, but you have to think that second number will improve as the talent around him does. Deadly left foot and could be needed with the added workload of matches this year.

Other names to be included in this list of help that we may already have are Marko Grujic,  who by all accounts is a force to be reckon with. Rhian Brewster, who showed flashes in his U-23 season and was given a bib by Klopp in the Final.  As well as Curtis Jones who looks the part as well. 

One player to keep an eye on and is still probably a season or two away is Stevie G’s cousin Bobby Duncan. The wonder-kid scored 18 times and added 6 assists in only 20 games. I’m calling it now, he will be a force for the Gerrard led Reds in 2023!

It’s Not Called the Silly Season for Nothing

In all reality, all this really is a guessing game. There could be deals for players going on right now that nobody can see coming. It is fun though to speculate and play out the what-ifs. One thing for sure though is no matter what happens in the upcoming weeks, Klopp and FSG have definitely shown they know what they are doing. Especially Michael Edwards. This guy is an absolute genius. Between fleecing Barca in the Coutinho deal, remember he added a clause in it that states that Barca has to basically add $100 million dollars for any LFC player they try to sign in the next few years. Getting Andy Robertson for 8 million, and now he’s the best left back in the world. And the grand daddy of em’ all, which I still can’t believe, is getting an amazing $20 million for Dominic freaking Solanke! Just unreal stuff.

So those are just some of my ramblings and observations. Please feel free to comment on who you guys would like us to go after or even sell. As always, thanks for taking the time to read! Like, share, subscribe and all that good stuff!





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