Top 10 Performances Under Jurgen Klopp by David Cozzy Cosgrove

Top 10 performances under Jurgen Klopp

10 – Liverpool 7 – 0 Spartak Moscow.
A bit of left field but I had to include it. It’s not often anyone in the Champions League beats teams by such a scoreline, and Liverpool did it twice this season. In context, Liverpool’s last champions league game, we had blown a 3-0 lead away in Sevilla (remember those days?) and to answer back in such a fashion was phenomenal. They were superb on the night. 3-0 inside 20 minutes, a hat trick from Coutinho, and a Salah goal to make it 7, it was the perfect evening all around.

9 – Liverpool 4 – 0 Everton
The EV, my favorite team in the world. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Liverpool where excellent, passing was superb and when a certain striker called Divock Origi was on fire. Took until the 43rd minute to open the scoring and we never looked back. Sakho made it 2 before half time and the EV were lucky to get out with 4.

8 – Chelsea 1 – 3 Liverpool
3rd game in charge on the reds, he goes to Stamford Bridge against a Mourinho Chelsea and comes back from behind to win. Coutinho with one of his best goals he scored for the reds, imperious in the 2nd half. Brilliant all over. Benteke with a wonderful finish to wrap it up for the reds. When everyone started to believe we have a special manager.

7 – Liverpool 4 – 3 Man City
Ended there unbeaten start to the season and in some fashion. Phenomenal. Not a little city flurry in the last 15 could take the gloss of it. Sadie Manè at his best. Salah causing them nightmares. Superb all round. Better remembered for a run by Andy Robertson where he chased the ball down from left back to the goalie. Jurgen’s men started to look like a proper outfit.

6 – Liverpool 2 – 0 Manchester United
1st game vs United in Europe and my word how we dispatched them. You will never find a more one-sided 2-0 in all your life. Liverpool had 13 shots that game, compared to United’s 5. If it wasn’t for De Gea being the best goalkeeper in the world at the time, it genuinely could have been 6. He made 4 saves which were top drawer. Liverpool would finish them off in the 2nd leg with Coutinho’s best goal for Liverpool. (It’s up for debate)

5 – Man City 1 – 4 Liverpool
If at Chelsea you seen glimpses of what Jurgen could do, when we went the Etihad, you saw a full performance. City were 3-0 inside 30 minutes. The one-touch football from the reds for the 3rd goal was one of the best you will see. Not forgetting Skrtel’s rocket half volley to make it, the reds were next level that night.

4 – Liverpool 3 – 0 Man City
This maybe controversial where it’s placed on this list, but this game showed what Anfield can be like under the lights. The fans were superb and the players delivered. Goals from Salah, Chamberlain, and Manè put the reds 3-0 inside 30 minutes again. (We make a habit of this vs City don’t we?) the 2nd half shut out from us may go unnoticed but it’s was just as important. Henderson with one of his best performances in a Liverpool shirt.

3 – Bayern Munich 1 – 3 Liverpool
It has to be included. And it has to be in the top 3, I couldn’t put it any lower. Bayern Munich are a giant of European football. They backed themselves at Anfield and got the result they wanted, but the Reds had other ideas. Manè sent Neuer to Walmart for some popcorn, Virgil delivered the killer blow and Sadie bagged his 2nd for the perfect away performance. Allianz arena shell shocked, they had just witnessed a masterclass from there old nemesis Jurgen.

2 – Liverpool 5 – 2 AS Roma
Who’s scores 5 in a champions league semi-final? It’s ridiculous. This Roma team just scored 3 goals on their own patch to knock Barcelona out of the competition. They came in flying. The reds left them on the floor. Salah’s 1st was ridiculous as much as his 2nd was audacious. Forget the last 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter. The reds just put in the best performance on any side in a champions league semi final… That performance lasted 12 months.

1 – Liverpool 4 – 0 Barcelona
Can it be anything else? 3-0 down from the Nou Camp. Messi with the best goal of the tournament and the reds where out. Trust me, we were out. Salah out, no Bobby and it didn’t matter. Divock writes himself in folklore. Gini comes on for the left back and bags 2, and Trent with the most wonderful piece of imagination from a corner. Suarez and Coutinho were the only ones in the Barcelona side knew what happened. They have been there when it’s like this, and they couldn’t stop it. The Reds win 4-0 and go on to win the 6th European Cup. What a football team we have.