Red Trenches Match Week 38

GW 38-Final Weekend Preview

     Take a deep breath, we did it.  Liverpool captured a second consecutive Champions League Final appearance in a magical night at Anfield.  They did so by overcoming a daunting 3-0 deficit in the second leg against Barcelona.  Outside the red half of Merseyside, no one gave us a chance. But we never gave up belief in this team and they never doubted themselves. 

The men in red blanked one of the most feared and expensive front three in world football. They also smashed 4 past a world class defense without two of their main strikers.  Barcelona announcing  arbitration due to all their sponsors being too embarrassed to continue to fund that shit would have been the only thing to make the night better. 

Back to Basics

     Despite the celebrations in mid-week, the job is not done yet. Klopp’s men will have to come down off the high to give one final 90 minute performance this weekend at Wolves.  The title no longer rests in our hands, but we can certainly help our cause and go out with a bang. 

     Wolves can be a tough match up on their day so focus is a must.  Scousers won’t need reminding that they have already bested us this season.  Beating us 2-1 in the FA Cup back in January.  Regardless of the test, this should be a celebration of all we have accomplished this season.  Sit back and enjoy this one Reds.  Keep an eye on the score of Man City Brighton , but keep your heart and focus on these boys.  They deserve it.  

Unifying Outlooks

We ARE Champions

     We can finish a season with 97 points and one loss.  Screw the table, screw second, this is a HUGE season.  If Liverpool can walk away with three points with the Anfield record in tact, it should still be celebrated as if we had won it all.  If tomorrow finishes with Man City lifting the silverware, we can sleep easy knowing they only won it by 1.12 cm.  Don’t even mention Kompany’s two-footed challenge lucky not to see red (I’m not bitter).  

     Manchester City may be a machine built by money, but they are a machine nonetheless.  The fact that we stayed neck and neck with them all season is incredible, especially given the large margin they won by last year.  Our spending abilities are less, our bench isn’t as deep, and our Manager didn’t inherit a finished product.  The boys scratched and clawed all season and deserve to be treated as heroes by the supporters. 

     Liverpool forced City to finish the season with 13 wins to stay with us.  Who knows, Brighton could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  We can deservedly lift the trophy tomorrow, but if not, we forced City to earn it. The titles are coming, it’s a dam ready to break and we just have to be patient.  Hopefully it breaks tomorrow though.  

Origi Has Earned His Place

     Liverpool faithful have been arguing for sometime about a much needed replacement for Sturridge. 

Recent performances have made a strong case for Divock Origi being that man.  It’s fitting too, a man written off saves a team written off.  Quite poetic if you ask me, and very Liverpudlian. 

     Origi came to Liverpool during Rodgers’ reign as a promising young player.  Immediately loaned back to his previous club, he wouldn’t get his chance until the following season.  When Klopp took over,  Origi was  given a full season but could not impress his new boss.  The Belgium was then loaned to Wolfsburg  last season where he struggled to find any form during his year there. 

From the Ashes a Liverbird Rises

    Most supporters felt this summer would be his last with the team due to his poor performances. When he remained at Melwood in August, many angrily vented their frustrations with his presence.  It is unclear what kept him at Anfield, but fans won’t care now.  Perhaps the Gaffer saw something in preseason, or no one would take him off us.  Regardless, he has risen from the ashes and revitalized the city. 

    Across social media. Reds are shouting his name from the rooftops after his heroics against Barcelona.  Origi’s performance against Barcelona felt like a final nail in the platform he’s been building this season.  His winners against Everton and Newcastle earlier this season have been pivotal in our title chase. Because of this, many of us have changed their tunes about the man and know he has earned a place here next year.  

    He has adapted to Klopp’s system and has become a more reliable option than the man he was looking to replace.  Origi has exemplified what being Liverpudlian is, he belongs here as much as any native.  Given his constant struggles to fulfill expectations, his career at Anfield was presumed over by pundits and fans alike. Instead of giving up he adapted and thrived.  The blue collar mentality will always appeal to Liverpool faithful and they will always reward it. 

     Let this be a lesson to others on the fringes of this team.  Anything is possible if you work hard enough.  

Honorable Mentions

  • Brighton are our favorite second team this season (not sure about Hove though).
  • The BRodge screwed us again, coming up limp when it mattered. 
  • During the off-season the accuracy of Hawk Eye goal line technology needs to be extensively reviewed. it crossed the line *shakes fist at sky*
  • Suarez tainted his Liverpool legacy with his antics during the game on Tuesday.  
  • Selling Coutinho could not have gone better in a million years.  
  • Facing another English team takes a little away form the Champions League Final. 

There are NO Dividing Stances this week. 

    This weekend is a celebration and bad JuJu has no place here.  We will come together, drink, and cheer as one tomorrow.  This season has been unbelievably special and being able to witness it with all of you is something I will cherish forever.  Here’s to tomorrow, here’s to the lads, here’s to the future.  We are Liverpool, This Means More!