Game Ratings for Miracle on Merseyside by Stephen Ward and Jason Kennedy

Jason here – was at AJ Hudson’s with two of the “regulars” I watch with (Woody was on assignment). Hats off to one of them, Nate, who won the recent Carlsberg grand prize trip to Anfield for a match next season. Woody and I won the contests ourselves and jointly went over for the Merseyside Derby in December where we watched what we thought would be the greatest Anfield victory of the season.

We. Were. Wrong.  This team is special. This season is special. No matter what happens Sunday (We are gonna win the league) and on June 1st (where we win our 6th) make sure you remember this season, this team and this Miracle on Merseyside forever.

Now that my Carlsberg haze is burning off, its onto the ratings….

Alisson – 10

Woody – 10 – A few good saves and a very good one.  Always in control.  Sometimes looks pissed off that he can’t outright join the attack, but he did just that on December 2nd in the derby.  What a man.  

Jason – 10 – I am comfortable with him as a 10. Clean sheet against Messi, Suarez, Phil and whoever else they had out there. He’s a good looking guy

Trent – 10

Woody Are you kidding me with that corner?  The British haven’t done anything that clever since Monty Python.  This brilliant lad must have mind castles like Sherlock Holmes.  Oh by the way played great D on a night they needed a clean sheet against Barcelona.  Destroyed Jordi Alba at both ends.

Jason – 10 – a 10 alone for that cheeky ass corner to Big Div. It was brilliant. Simply brilliant. His defense was stout and his assists glorious. Watch video of him after the match, its worth it


Matip – 8.75

Woody – 9 – Normally his ceiling is an 8, but he really was solid throughout.  I’m not normally one to applaud the “professional foul,” but that leg on Messi when he had a rare head of steam was key.  Hey with Suarez flopping all over the place that foul was sportsmanship.

Jason – 8.5 – OK I could have said 9 and made the math easier but felt we needed to do something about grade inflation. I really like him in that back line and his passing is really essential to the team right now and was crucial for us last night.


Virgil – 9

Woody – 9 – Solid as a rock.  Deserved to score when being dragged down still managed to twist his way to a backheel on net.  What a defensive general.

Jason – 9 – He’s our #4 but almost always a 8+ for us. He’s excellent. He’s a large guy – when he bent down to chat with Robbo his hands were as big as Robbo’s torso


Robbo – 9

Woody – 9 – He doesn’t look like he would win balls but he does it all day.  Add that to his dangerous crosses.  Expensive players at rich clubs just never imagine the beatdown they’re going to take from a little Scottish dude who was on Hull recently.

Jason – 9 – Scottish freaking steel my friends. How did we sign him for so little? He’s Robbo The Bruce!


Fabinho – 9.5

Woody – 10 – Gets to the ball first all over the midfield all night.  Clatters a few guys on the follow through, which is even better.  Then having run all night wins another duel late on and drives it forward 1 on 3, and draws a foul that helps seal the win.  Epic performance given the opponent.

Jason – 9 – He was great. Drew a ridiculous yellow early on and managed to keep the Argentinian Shaqiri under control.


Milner – 9.25

Woody – 9 – See Fabinho above.  Oh and since our only left back picks up a knock, Milly just slides over and picks up his mate.  By playing out of position at fullback… against Barcefreakinlona!  Ribena well earned.  Please manage LFC in ten years.

Jason – 9.5 – Milly was crying at the end. Not because of the match but because he had run out of Ribena. Slides to left back easily, so glad he has that experience. He runs and runs and runs


Henderson – 9.25

Woody – 9 – Fantastic.  I don’t understand him so maybe Jason can explain.

Jason – 9.5 – I have a pic with Hendo, he’s easily 6’3”. He’s tireless, he was exceptional and put in a Captain’s performance. Grew up Sunderland fan and that’s by Newcastle, the Vegas of England.


Shaqiri – 7

Woody – 7 – Terrible first half.  5 at best.  I was calling for Shaq to play for months, especially in that little goal starved draw fest.  Turns out I should NEVER question the gaffer.  Mishit, usually underhit, every pass.  Gave it a way in dangerous areas.  But he swung in an assist in the 2nd and no one gets less than a 7 tonight.

Jason –  7 – he was dogshite in first half, everything had too much or too little. Much improved in second half.


Mane – 10

Woody – 10 – It’s hard to give a 10 to a forward without a goal, but what a man!  Without Mo and Bobby, he made the runs of 3 men.  Teammates just missed him a couple times.  Get a few vs Wolves and take the golden boot, Sadio.  You are the man.

Jason – 10 – I am good with a 10. He did it all except score. I recall one particular moment when he chased down Messi in defense, harassed him and Messi was dispossessed.  He was everywhere



Woody – 10 – What?!!  This guy sits behind the big three, comes on and scores massive game winners, and then puts in this performance.  You can forgive us for thinking his biggest contribution this year was at the derby, only to match it (almost) at newcastle.  But no.  Big Div.  Hey, even if they’ve worked on it in training, and even if Trent is the mad scientist who thought it up, the alertness and the FINISH were amazing.  That was some sweet love out of a Carly Simon song from the 70s.  Those two guys can set up in marriage counseling.  Stockton and Malone played like total strangers compared to that move.  Oh also held up play, pressed, and probably sold popcorn, errr, buttys and steak pies.

Jason – 10 – we thought Everton an 90+6 was going to be the highlight but here we are… he and Trent for the 4th, cheeky b*stards! I think there’s something useful for him on this squad going forward. Orange juice for everyone


Gini – 10 Man of the Match

Woody – 10 – There was a little quiz in yesterday’s LFC member magazine about Gini.  He used to score a lot for Feyenoord and PSV.  Not his role here but what a time to get back on the bike!  2nd half sub gets a brace in 15 minutes needing exactly that for the Reds to go through against Barca?!  My buddy Michael called the header “double dutch hops.”  Great afterward when he said he was angry at Klopp for not starting him.  Way to channel it, Gini.

Jason – 10 – comes off the bench in second half for Robbo (?!?!?) and then scores a brace in 2 minutes. You are a beautiful man Gini. Double Dutch Gini… I like it

Gomez – 8

Woody – 8 – Comes on late.  Give him an 8.

Jason – 8 – Hi JoGo


Sturridge – 9

Woody – 9 – Why not?

Jason – 9 – the drugs have kicked in for Woody I see. He posted a nice Instagram after the match

Former Reds

Suarez – 2

Woody – 2 – For all those who say, “same antics when he was at Liverpool and you loved him,” eff off.  And duh.  Anyway flopped all over, cried, and hurt Robbo on purpose.  Most importantly my dad said he looks like one of the Property Brothers.  Brilliant.

Jason – 2 – look I loved him as a Red and he is a footballing genius. Yesterday he was a non-event. Woody your Dad is 100% correct

Coutinho – n/a

Woody – Didn’t influence the game.  Kind of sad for him.  But thanks for all that money.

Jason – same. Thanks for all the fish!