Liverpool vs Wolves Player Ratings by Stephen Ward and Jason Kennedy

Woody – AJ Hudson’s in Chicago was in full song for this match, with one of its fullest and earliest arriving crowds of the season.  We knew the title was unlikely except during that delirious 90 seconds.  There was still some disappointment, but not much.  Mostly people stayed on, sung, enjoyed the players’ family lap around Anfield, and smiled together at such a great team.  After Tuesday we were happy to see the team finish the season right, basking in the knowledge that we still have one big match to play.
Jason – It was great to be at AJs and with Woody back from assignment. The place was full by 7:45am. It was a wonderful atmosphere for a wonderful season for a glorious team that has one more match for us to enjoy – to get our 6th European Cup. On to June 1st!  PS – Linda Pizzuti looked pretty good… on the pitch… banging in a goal… she rates a 10
Alisson – 9
Woody – 9- Made some really good saves, especially at 1-0 when they were trying to equalize.  Well done on the golden glove.  He’s the Carlsberg of keepers: probably the best in the world.
Jason – 9 – Glorious. Fabulous. And that is just his hair and beard. Well deserved Golden Glove.
Trent – 9
Woody – 9- Before the game Jamie Carragher posted a pic of himself with a kid serving as his “mascot” for the game.  Or maybe he was a ball boy.  Anyway the kid was a very young (he’s young now!) Trent Alexander-Arnold.  Then he piled up a couple more assists.  After the game he stayed and fed crosses in for his friends.  Very much the Scouser in the team.
Jason – 9 – Speaking of Carragher, his singing with Jaime Webster at the Boss Night won’t make you forget about the Beatles or even Pete Best but he rates a 10. TAA rates a 9 for the season! The John Stockton of the Premier League – but with longer shorts
Matip – 8
Woody – 8- We might sign Mattijs de Ligt.  Joe Gomez might stay healthy next season.  But Matip has been really good in a lot of games and even pretty consistent in the second half of the season.  He’s a good guy to have.  There, I said it, even if he does seem like a guy who’d rather be playing bridge or mahjong.
Jaosn – 8 – Matip is lanky. Looks like a very pleasant fellow, like a gentleman who you’d like as a neightbor.  He doesn’t look pretty on the ball but he really has proved to be a “glue guy” for us
Virgil – 8
Woody – 8 – Stephanie reminded us that Joe Gomez refers to VVD’s feet as boats.  And what boats they are, getting in the way of all manner of opposition attack.  He was carrying around some trophy afterward with a boot on it that wouldn’t have fit him since he was in the Dutch u8 setup.  He must have deserved it since he’s certainly the Carlsberg of central defenders.
Jason – 8.5 from me – he’ll pass the ball as calm as you like… I was wondering if he has an endorsement deal for a hair care line… he was not as his best but I am feeling generous to the PFA and Premier League Player of the Year
Robertson – 8
Woody – 8 – For the second game in a row he went for goal with a rocket of a shot.  Both were saved but this is an enjoyable trend.  He also put in a dinked cross that Gini should have finished.  But we worry for Robbo – how much sunscreen is he going to need in Madrid?!  About 5% of English fans now realize they should bring sunglasses to a sunny game, up from 0%.  Have they heard of sun protection in Scotland?  He’s gonna need an aloe plant.
Jason – 8 – he really fired off a cracker of a left foot. I also worry about his SPF needs. I love Robbo.
Gini, Hendo, Fabinho – 7.5 each
Woody – 7.5. – None of the midfielders stood out.  None were bad either.  They let Wolves get on the counter a bit too easily a few times.  They didn’t get to every ball first like they had done Tuesday.  They were just pretty solid in a 2-0 win.
Jason – 7.5 for all but Hendo, he rates an 8 from me. Are you surprised? I know Woody isn’t. But officially we rate them a 7.5
Origi – 7.5
Woody – 7.5 – It must never get old hearing your name chanted like that at Anfield.  Regardless of what his role is at the club going forward, he scored absolutely magical goals this year.  He was critical to getting 97 points and another Champions League final.  The chants are well deserved.
Jason – 7.5 – The guy has won 3 matches for us. He seemed more at ease against Wolves. Hopefully Bobby is back for the Final but its nice seeing Big Div getting time in as his Deputy
Mane – 9  MotM
Woody – 9 – Despite not winning the title, Liverpool had some things go right yesterday.  For one, they did their part and won in a very professional manner.  For another, Manchester United lost at home to Cardiff to finish 31 points behind Liverpool.  Hilarious.  Also, Sadio Mane Scored twice to share the golden boot with Mo Salah (Aubameyang got a share too).  We’re very happy for Sadio Mane.
Jason – 9 – Funny story. Had we won the League, Woody and our friend Jon vowed to get Sadio haircuts. Naturally this is the most disappointing thing about losing the League. Sadio has been amazing this year and there’s an argument he’s the second half of the season MVP. 
Salah – 9
Woody – 9- Mo played well but only deserved an 8 at full time.  The 9 really belongs to his daughter Makka, who came on in extra extra time.  For the 2nd straight year, the Egyptian Princess scored the cutest goal of the year (and this year she had to fight off fierce competition from Linda Pizzuti Henry).
Jason – 9 – hard to top his daughter (or Linda Pizzuti)
Gomez – n/a
Woody – Came on late to re-familiarize himself with the left back position in case Robbo’s latent Scottish temper ever gets the best of him.
Jason – Hi JoGo
Ox – n/a
Woody – Came on very late to tune up for possible UCL final heroics.
Jason – I like that we have the Ox and that it has to annoy Piers Morgan that he is so much better for us than the Arse
Milly – 7
Woody – 7- Why does Milly only get a 7?  It can’t be his fault he only came on for less than 30 minutes.  He was perfectly solid.  The reason is that Milly is the consummate professional and his 7 makes this week’s ratings add up to 97.  And although that number was a point short, it’s still a beautiful total.
Jason – 8 from me but I like what Woody is doing here. Love Milly.
What a season! Let’s bag Ol’ Big Ears! 
What a team.