Good day fellow Reds!! Tomorrow at 3pm ET, Liverpool look to pull off the unimaginable. They welcome Barca and a three nil deficit to Anfield. If any club can pull off this comeback, it is this year’s Liverpool side. If there is any stadium that gives you more than just a fleeting feeling of hope, that stadium is Anfield. Our ground has seen this beauty. It has also witnessed this spectacular comeback! While I’m not guaranteeing anything of the sort for tomorrow, I am just saying be ready for one hell of a ride. There was nothing in the first match the says we don’t have the quality to play with Barca. And hell, if Lyanna Mormont can slay an undead Wildling Giant, why can’t LFC slay a Catalan one? The temps look to be cool, in the forties with a 75% chance of rain.

Injuries and Suspensions

This is where it gets murky for Liverpool. Naby is out with an abductor injury. Bobby is out with his groin tear, and Mo is out with a concussion. That’s a lot of firepower to be without.

Barcelona look to be with out Ousmane Dembele, who suffered a hamstring injury on the weekend.  Rafinha is also still out due to his Cruciate Ligament Rupture.

How we Got Here

Liverpool lost last week at the Nou Camp 3-0. The scoreline though is not reflective of the run of play. A bounce here or there and we go into this match tied or down one goal. Like I stated earlier, I rule out nothing with this club this year.

Lineup and Prediction

This is where it gets interesting. The lack of choices means that Klopp may have to think outside the box, and as he showed last Wednesday with his formation, he is not afraid to do that. Alisson will be prominent is this match as a clean sheet is just as important as getting those three goals. Across the back four it has to be Trent, Matip, VVD, and Robbo. Look for the mid-field to be Fab, Hendo, and Ox. I think this is a match where Ox’s return could be a huge boost of adrenaline The front three almost has to be Mane, Origi, and Shaq doesn’t it? I think Sturridge is done. With is lack of pace and enthusiasm he simply is not good enough anymore for this side, and not in a match this big, where everyone will be expected to go balls to the wall. It will technically be a 4-3-3, but I expect Robbo and Trent to be wing backs, midfielders and wingers. It will at times be basically a two man back, if that. Expect heavy metal football to be turned up to eleven! We win 4-0! Mane man of the match!

If anyone can make this seemingly insurmountable comeback, it is our boys in Red! Remember, we have ninety minutes to do what we where able to do in six at Istanbul!