Liverpool vs Newcastle Player Ratings by Stephen Ward and Jason Kennedy

Alisson – 8

Woody: 8 – Some good saves and the goals weren’t his fault. He’ll have em swooning in that black #1 kit. We just hope the remake of 1980s nighttime soap opera Hotel doesn’t conflict with his goalkeeping.

Jason: 8 – Woody with a reference to Hotel is tip top. To be honest, was hoping Rafa was going to start himself in goal for the Toon… alas… Anyway, Alisson was solid and avoided giving up a goal to Messi on a free kick here so that’s a plus.

Trent – 8

Woody: Speaking of saves, that one with his elbow was world class. Mignolet is now truly redundant. Let’s give him league cup games in net. Imagine the distribution! Start worrying, Jordan Pickford. TAA assists merit a 9 but he gets an 8 since he deserved a red card on the save.

Jason: 8 – Thinking about calling him the Scouse Hand of God.

Lovren – 5.5

Woody: 6 – You have to get Mo’s bezzie a game now and then, but maybe South Bend or Boston would be a better spot for that than a must win at Newcastle on a Saturday night. It’s like he used the drunken Toon army energy to make himself more unstable, which isn’t easy. In two games since Gomez returned to full health we’ve seen Matip and Degsi start at CB. All trust in the German genius, but he’s making our hair grey very quickly.

Jason: 5 – ah Degsey… well Mo loves him so there’s that. He just seemed heavy and off in all respects. Shambles VVD – 9

Woody: 9 – Solid as always. Not much to say. His baseline is an 8 but he gets a 9 when he scores.

Jason: 9 – Agreed. VVD was solid, perhaps a wobble here and there on defense but nothing too shambolic

Robertson – 9

Woody: 9 – Looked tired for a couple games but not anymore. The Barca thing isn’t going well so far but Luis Suarez’s antics have brought us back our Robbo. Full of running and Scottish steel.

Jason: 9 – I think Robbo would destroy Suarez in a straight up brawl… but that’s for another night… Robbo could easily be the MOTM

Fabinho – 7

Woody: 7 – Seems to be a guy on whom refs like to call fouls. Maybe it’s because he seems so good natured that his complaints won’t show them up. Anyway not his best game, but he’ll get back to his ballhawking ways. When Keita finally broke into the side he really freed up other mids to do their thing. Bad injury for this key stretch but it’ll be great to watch The Naby n Faby show for years to come.

Jason: 7 – Naby n Faby could be a quality diner in Liverpool, Mo would for sure send Degsey there to get their coffee. He was unspectacular but nothing poor. Need a 9 from him on Tuesday.

Gini – 6.75

Woody: 6 – He’s never terrible but sometimes just does the minimum, like Jennifer Aniston with her flair pieces in Office Space. He drifted a lot today. Maybe we’ll see the Ox on Tuesday.

Jason: 6.5 – again was invisible in a lot of ways but never poor in terms of form. Henderson – 6.75 Woody: 6.5 His little bump in form from moving forward might be about over. He plays some good passes almost every game, but sometimes falls into Al Pacino mode and focuses too much on his yelling. I can’t give him a 6 cuz Jason will override to a 7. He is the captain and we did win a tough road game. So fine.

Jason: 7 – I give him a 7 and he was slightly less invisible than Gini. Still seems to be playing better since the switch in position

Mane – 8

Woody: 8 – He probably should have scored and most would give him a 7, but we love him. He and Mo miss Firminho, but their tireless runs wear down opponents and make everything possible, including a title. Loved when he shoved Vidal’s face the other day for foolishly touching Mane’s head. He might be small and humble, cleaning toilets at the Mosque and all, but Sadio is not a man to trifle with.

Jason: 8 – love Mane. He’s been at an exceptional and consistent level for quite some time. Will need him in a big way Tuesday if we are missing Bobby and Mo…

Salah – 9 Man of the Match

Woody: 9 – The running, the take ons, the skill, the goal. He’s a quiet superstar who can carry even a great team to greater heights. When he lay in a heap it was hard for any of us to breathe. Klopp said he looked fine after the match. What a relief.

Jason: 9 –

Sturridge – 6

Woody: 5 – Where to begin. He gets a 5 instead of a 4 because Jason has selfie with him from his good years. Can’t run? Won’t run? He fits this style of play about as well as Peter Crouch or Andy Carroll, but here he is. Oh well. Maybe Shaqiri and Origi linked up for the goal purely out of anger at sitting behind Porridge. If so Klopp really is a genius man manager.

Jason: 7 – I actually thought Danny had some good passes… and yes I have a pic with him. That said, I don’t think he merits a 5…


Subs: Shaq (on for Gini at 66’) 7 Great to see him get a solid run in. Great free kick to Divock for the winner Divock Origi 9 All he does is score game winners…. Right place, right time. Orange juice for everyone! Milly (on for Lovren at 83’) 8 Steady. Made some quality fouls and is booked within 10mins of coming on. Yorkshire’s finest.