Liverpool vs Huddersfield Player Ratings by Stephen Ward and Jason Kennedy

Well that was a fun one, wasn’t it? 13-14-15-16 seconds… does it matter? It was one fine way to kick off the weekend. Naby jumps it passes it to Mo back to Naby to back of the net. Keeping the pressure on City. Its one heck of a season not matter how this all turns out. To be savored and enjoyed.

Alisson: 8 Made two saves. Otherwise was on guard for a surprise Klopp hug at anytime.

TAA: 7.5 20 years old. Scouser. Had at least one assist. Was really good in the recent Nivea ad… have we mentioned that before?

VVD: 8 Woody: “His YaYa Toure marauding runs. Like Matip, only surprise surprise, he’s a little better at them” Jason: “I like Matip’s runs. Remember its Bambi on Ice. Oh, Virg he’s a colossus and I am told he won something recently which is nice”

Degsey: 7 The best defender in the world is the 3rd or 4th best central defender on our team. The math adds up I am sure, its probably a metric conversion. He was very – hear us out here – steady throughout. Nice to give Matip a rest. BTW: wonder how Rags Klavan is these days… always liked him

Robbo: 8.5 Scottish steel. Work rate tremendous. Defensively excellent and that assist to Mo for the goal was filthy. His left foot will be bronzed and put outside Greyfriars Bobby when he retires.

Gini: 7 An anonymous yet effective day… does that make sense?

Hendo: 7.5 Woody: “Don’t fall for The Anfield Wrap Hendo apologist stuff. He was a 7 but since you are typing it up I can’t block you from an 8” Jason: Correct Woody. He is an 8. Great ball in for Sadio’s second goal. So we will split the difference.

Naby: 9 – Man of the Match Woody: “covering the midfield like a young Willie Mays. He was great today. Forcing turnovers. Perfect player for ramping up a little heavy metal football” Jason: that goal. Wow.

Salah: 9 Two goals. Leader for the Golden Boot. One season wonder….

Mane: 9 Two goals. Was tied briefly for the Golden Boot. Maintains a Golden stripe in his hair. Two headers, should have had a hat trick – denied by Post (a quality defender)

Studge: 5.5 Woody: “Sturridge starting over Shaq? Daniel must have pictures of Klopp doing something really bad. Was a 5 and that’s only because I don’t give 4s” Jason: “I will also have a place for Daniel in my heart. I also suspect he was distracted by the dead pigeon on the pitch” 6

The Ox: 8 Fantastic to see him back. Had he scored… a 9+

Shaq: 7 The Alpine Messi. We love the guy

JoGo: Incomplete Good to see him for the cameo