Red Trenches Match Day 36

Match Review GW 36

     Liverpool regained brief control over the Premier League title race after their 2-0 win at Cardiff over the weekend.  Owning 77% of the ball over the 90 minutes showed the immense gulf in class between the two sides.    Regardless, it was an away game against a side fighting to remain in the league and had the potential to be a hurdle.  Klopp’s side looked determined and unfazed by the 0-0 scoreline at halftime and came out roaring in the second. 

    He got more of the same against Huddersfield on Friday.  The game was played on the pitch but the boys in Red must have been battling their own emotions more than their opponents.  Huddersfield have already been relegated to the Championship and were easily swept aside by a tenacious Liverpool. 

    City’s win Wednesday put them one point ahead of Liverpool and level on games. The Manchester Derby was not in our control and as disappointing as the result was, we must put it behind us.  We can only control the outcomes of our remaining two games, winning out is now a priority.  In Liverpool’s current form, almost all supporter on social media foresaw this huge victory. Still, it was nice to watch such a masterclass in yet another complete game.  

Word on the Street

 Unified Outlooks

World’s Greatest Centre-half 

    If there was ever something completely unanimous among supporter’s it would be this.  Virgil Van Dijk looks to have tipped the scales in the vote for PFA Player of the Year by his peers.  The announcement has not been officially announced while writing this, but plenty of close sources have confirmed it. 

    Virg will be in rare company, as 2004 was the last time a defender took home the honor (and one or two fellow player’s wives: John Terry joke).  Even more impressive, he will be only the fourth defender in the last 20 years to receive the honor.  This highlights the intangible value which has been lauded by the fans throughout the season.  As soon as the shortlist came out, there was one true winner in Scouse eyes, VVD was a shoe in.  

    Reds supporters are also pointing to the fact that the award will stay in house, as incumbent Mo Salah won it last term.  Plenty to boast about at Melwood with Trent Alexander-Arnold looking to claim a PFA Young Player of the Year as well.  The clean sweep could be used to lure young and established players to the club in the summer months, as a staple to what we are growing here.  

Rooting for United Blew Chunks

    Alright, so it happened.  We all plugged our noses and gritted our teeth as we legitimately cared about the Manchester Derby.  It made matters worse when the red half of Manchester came out like a limp fish and were easily swept aside by our title rivals.  Many fans felt that, if City were to drop any points in their last seven it would most likely come from this one.  An away mid-week derby match is nothing to be scoffed at, but City were far superior on the day. 

    In a classic Scouse response, the jokes spilled out on social media platforms.  One fan stated, “I have supported Man Utd for one league game this season and Liverpool for 35.  They have lost the same amount of games in that time.” It figures that the one time we prayed for a United result, we were completely let down.  I suppose this is why no one likes Manchester United.  At least not anyone important anyways.

Dividing Stances

Will the Result Change the Side

    This topics comes straight from our podcast last night (which is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher by the way).  Will the result today affect who Klopp fields Friday and how he sets us up?  For those that agreed with Cozzy, we unfortunately won’t find out given City collecting all three points.  Still, it’s worth noting that with Huddersfield being the weakest of the three remaining sides we face.  It would have been an ideal opportunity for the Gaffer to rest some key players. 

    Personally, I sided with Hooch in saying it is imperative we go full tilt until the end now.  The truth is though that regardless what Klopp decides, if we do not win the title at the end of the season, his choice will be faulted.  Lose the league and rest players, we should have fielded the strongest team.  Lose the league and keep the starting XI, we shouldn’t have pushed them so hard and gave them a rest. 

    It should be said that if in fact we do win out, this has been the greatest season for our premier league side.  It has also been the best title race in forever and it looks to be heading down the the very last game.  

League is Lost Rant

    I had to go here because it infuriates me.  A faction, albeit, a small fraction are already moaning the league is lost due to the United result.  This is disgraceful, and if you feel this way, keep it to yourself and don’t post to social media.  There are three games to go and in the Premier League, anything is possible. Nothing is over until the final whistle blows on game week 38.

    Sure, the derby was the most likely fixture City would drop points at, but if they think it’s done and dusted they’ll be bit.  Mentality is 50% of every game for a top 6 side; come into one thinking you’ve already got three points, and you walk away with none.  In the same breath, if you think it’s all over, then it is.  The hypocrisy is frustrating because those spewing negativity would still bite your hand off for three wins in the last three. 

There’s a Golden Sky 

    Thankfully, the majority of supporters share my viewpoint, and many have hit back on the comments left.  One Red even went as far as saying those who think it’s over shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate if we win it.  I think that’s a bit harsh, especially since this club is a family.  You don’t always agree with family, but when push comes to shove we stick together.  However, this trash needs to exit Liverpool Supporters pages. These boys have fought tooth and nail all season, they are 1 point behind a money fueled super team with three games to go.  We HAVE to support them to our fullest.  

    I expect Cup game atmospheres, hoarse voices, and waves of Red over the last three games.  Enjoy it, because when the dust settles, we will long for these days.  Win or lose we ARE LIVERPOOL, THIS MEANS MORE.

What do you think?  Let me know. Have your say below.


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