Liverpool vs Cardiff Player Ratings by Stephen Ward and Jason Kennedy

Liverpool v Cardiff City Player Ratings By Jason Kennedy and Stephen Ward

Three big points. Job done and dusted.

Allison 8 – a couple of quality saves. Magnificent hair and beard.

TAA – 7 – was out run a few times in the first half and seemed a little off. Got better as the match went on and had a lovely corner to Gini for the first goal.

Matip – 8 – sure he seems gangly when he’s on the ball, like Bambi on ice but we are becoming fond of him bringing the ball forward. He made some solid passes and was strong defensively.

VVD – 7.5 – a solid display as per usual. Probably a victim of his own success in terms of this rating.

Robbo – 7 – was a little off in the first half and when exposed to the sun we worried he needed sunscreen. Better in the second half. Gini – out of his bottle (we’re sorry – it’s already been said but when you can make a Gini and bottle joke you just have to). Solid in midfield and the goal was fantastic. His celebration great but upstaged by Milly.

Hendo – 7.5 – missed a sitter (as some might say, he dared to Wondo in front of the goal). A great run of form from the Captain as of late

Naby – 7.5 – nice to see him start and he was constantly dispossessing Cardiff. Let’s hope he continues to see match time (either as starter or off the bench)

Mo – 8 – gets mugged in box. Warnock says he dove. To quote the geniuses of Men In Blazers “If a defender can no longer grope Salah’s nipples in the box, I don’t know what to say. Game’s gone soft” Perfect.

Bobby – 7.5 – he also Dared to Wondo like the Captain in the first half with that shot. He’s Bobby – he could have walked that goal in but whatever. His teeth remain a 11 out of 10.

Sadio – 8. Kept the pressure on them all match long.

Fabinho – Incomplete. Bell rung. Let’s hope he’s OK.

Milly – 9. Yorkshire man. Comes in. Converts a penalty. Has the best celebration for it.

JoGo – 7.5 – nice to see him getting some minutes.