The Summer Of Soccer

The summer of soccer is upon us! Every now and then we get a summer like the one we are about to enter. From the moment the club season ends until it ramps back up in August, we get to continue to embrace and enjoy the sport we love. No, it is not a World Cup summer. But between the European Championships, Copa America and the Olympics, fans of football will get to enjoy a smorgasbord of high stakes games that should fill the appetite of anyone looking to try to fill the gap until the Reds return! Here are just a few of my thoughts on why Red’s fans should embrace the international soccer this summer, even if we can all admit it doesn’t quite reach the level of the Premier League.

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The Purer Game

Some will roll their eyes, but I believe the international game has become the “purer” version of football in a time when club football feels very commercial. A national team can’t just buy a player to fill a gap in their squad but rather must fight through with what they have. The lack of continual games and training means that teams are often not even close to as synchronized as club sides, which can absolutely lead to bad football, but can also mean incredible upsets and drama.

ASTV Shorts: Mo’ Joe at the Euros?

There is no real feel of inevitability, that one team is destined for greatness and all others will just bask in their wake. Yes, France and Argentina look like the two most dominant sides in their respective tournaments, but there are several teams in Europe and at least 2 or 3 in South America that will feel they have a real chance of toppling those giants. All this adds a level of excitement that seems lacking from the club game at the moment.

The Intrigue

You have storylines abound in each tournament as well. Can England, mighty Britannia, finally win a second, elusive trophy they crave? Will Messi capitalize on another Argentina moment and win one more for his country? Is France capable of being a dynasty? Can Brazil return to greatness? What about Germany and Spain? Will a lurker emerge akin to Chile in the 2015 Copa or Portugal at the 2016 Euros? Can the U.S. finally make a statement in world football?

Okay, we know that last one isn’t happening. The point is everywhere you look, these tournaments provide something worth watching. After a season in which one team won their fourth straight PL crown and another their second Champions League trophy in 4 years, we need this juice.

Reds’ Summer Assignments

A wave of Reds will also be appearing across both tournaments this summer and will give fans something to cheer for (or cheer for not getting hurt). Alisson is the best keeper in the world and will look to further cement that by leading Brazil back to being kings of CONMEBOL. Alexis Mac Allister, Lucho Diaz and Darwin Nunez will all try to help their respective nations of Argentina, Colombia, and Uruguay keep that from happening. In Europe, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez join England on their quest for the Holy Grail. Virgil van Dijk, Cody Gakpo, and Ryan Gravenberch with the Netherlands, Diogo Jota with Portugal, and Ibrahima Konate with France vie for supremacy as well. Last, but certainly not least, you
have Andy Robertson with Scotland, and it’s just fun as hell to have Scotland playing big time football,
just go check out videos of their fans when they score in big match!


So, there you have it. A down and dirty quick plea from me on why you should invest in watching the European Championships and Copa America this summer. Sit back and enjoy the football Reds, it should be a summer to remember!

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