Alexis Mac Allister: Eye Of The Storm

The eye of the storm is often known as “the calm region at the center of a hurricane”. Well, how lucky are Liverpool Football Club to have a man who is the calmest man going as chaos unfolds around him? I’ve been defending this man from the first ball kicked in August. I speak of course about Alexis Mac Allister.

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Early Doubts

We’ll go back as early as September. I was starting to hear the “he’s not a Liverpool player” argument. Why are people saying this so quickly I thought to myself. No rational thinking? He’s deployed in a position that is alien to him. Take into account that Fabinho took three months before he got to grips with Klopp’s way of playing, and Fabinho was a true six.

Yet against Aston Villa, we saw an absolute world-class pass to Nunez which broke the deadlock when we were really struggling.

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Next up was the Merseyside Derby. We were 1-0 up but Everton were all over us launching balls in the box deep into injury time. On the ropes big time in the 97th minute, the ball falls to Mac Allister’s feet in our 18-yard box. Any other player would have launched it into the stand. A long throw would have come straight back into the box and who knows what happens there. Luckily, Alexis had other ideas and played a sublime pass to Salah who made it 2-0. He then scored our goal of the season against Fulham.

Alexis Checking Boxes

So there are massive contributions in September, October, and November, all resulting in wins. Yet the fans still moaned. It was almost like the narrative was set by pundits and media alike, this guy wasn’t up to it. At this stage, I’m screaming “He’s playing out of F’n position!”


Messi was vocal in saying Alexis Mac Allister turned Argentina’s fortunes in the World Cup. This resulted in La Albiceleste going on to win it. So in my mind, if Messi thinks this guy is the real deal, it is logical to think when he plays where he’s meant to, he’ll start to play like the real deal.


Boy oh boy has that come to fruition. I don’t think I need to list all he’s done in recent weeks but he’s had nine goal involvements in ten games.

Against Brighton this past weekend, we just saw what we signed and I still have no idea how we got him for his meager price tag. The commentary team went as far as to say “This is why Liverpool paid all that money for him.” Jamie Carragher retorted, “Is it really that much in today’s game?” Liverpool has absolutely mugged Brighton with that fee.

Drawing Legendary Parallels

The vision he showed at times yesterday was peak-Alonso. He wants the ball at all times. His teammates look for him constantly and his ability to turn in tight spaces and keep us moving forward is a thing of beauty.

As we entered injury time versus Brighton I had my fingernails chewed to my elbow. We’re still bombing forward to get a third goal when we know one mistake could let them counter and destroy our dreams.

With the high line we play and the full heavy metal attacking mentality we see right in the middle of that is the calmest man in Anfield. Alexis Mac Allister is the Reds’ eye of the storm.

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