Greatest Goal At Anfield?

There have been some legendary ones

What is the greatest goal scored at Anfield? There are many elements that make up the greatest goal. Is it the strike of the ball or that final pass or build-up? Is it the significance, time, or opponent? Here are some of my nominations for the best balls to ever hit the back of a net on our home turf.

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1. Terry McDermott Heads Home

The goal often quoted by the experts is Terry McDermott’s header in a 7-0 demolition of Spurs in 1978. The passing, the movement up the pitch, and the pinpoint cross met by a bullet header. It had it all.

2. The Counter Against City

For those who remember goals from the more recent era, McDermott’s effort immediately brings this Mo Salah effort to mind. Trent’s sublime ball to Robertson comes whipping back across to Mo’s head and into the City net. It was a goal for the ages. I feel it doesn’t get the recognition it truly deserves for the team effort behind it.

3. Anfield Visited By God

Robbie Fowler produced an absolute moment of magic against Aston Villa. He rounded poor Steve Staunton before unleashing a rocket in what is arguably his best goal in a Liverpool shirt.



4. What A Hit Son! What. A. Hit.

Steven Gerrard scored many amazing goals at Anfield over his years at the club. A whole list could be compiled just of Stevie G’s efforts. But in my mind, the goal against Olympiacos set us on our way to Istanbul in 2005 and it is still the stuff that dreams are made of.

5. El Niño Opens His Account

The first goal at Anfield, on his home debut against Chelsea, was one of beauty by Fernando Torres. Chelsea was a defensive force at this time and Niño made it look too easy.

6. Luis, Luis

The skill, touch, and control from Luis Suarez for this goal against Newcastle was sublime. For some, he could make the ball talk. For us in the crowd, we were left speechless.

7. My Favorite

After all this, what is my favorite you ask? There are so many. However, the one that makes the hair stand on the back of my neck and produces an ear-to-ear smile on my face is the second goal against Manchester United in 2020. Alisson sending Mohamed Salah deep and him holding off the defense to slot home in stoppage time marked the moment when we knew we were going to win the league for the first time in 30 years. What a goal! What a moment!

What is your nomination for Anfield’s greatest goal? Let us know wherever you find this piece on social media with American Scouser!

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